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A light-hearted romantic comedy full of sweetness, and sass that'll have you craving more than just cupcakes. 

Falling in love wasn't in the deck of cards for me. That all changed when Hatcher, my now husband, and baby daddy tricked me into marrying him. Now, life is full of hormonal fits, insecurities, and the pressures of being a new wife. 

Okay, who am I kidding... Hatcher knew that my smart-mouth was the one for him. We just had to figure out the perfect mixture of intimacy and frosting to make me agree. 

August 24
A.M. Willard
Annelle Willard

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iloveAC/DC ,

Satisfies the Sweet Tooth of Every Romantic

Sugary Sweets is the second book in the Taste of Love Series. The series focuses on bakery owners Morgan and Zara and their tight-knit gang of friends. Zara and Hatcher’s one time wild and crazy sex-capades have left them with a permanent reminder of their fun. This second book is about Zara and Hatcher and their lives in the burbs as well as her pregnancy.

Zara isn’t cut out for suburbia, and she fights Hatcher tooth-and-nail to stay a city girl. She loves her baby and Hatcher, but she is not quite ready to let go of her single life. She and her gang of girls are there for one another through thick and thin, and right now, it is feeling pretty thin for several of them. Zara’s struggle with her changing body and hormones, Morgan’s planned expansion of the business, Natasha’s instant family, and Frankie’s unexplained move to the big city make for some interesting and varied storylines and future novels.

Hatcher is one of those awesome book boyfriends that you can’t help but love. He is patient, thoughtful, loving, and best of all…he cooks!

Sugary Sweets is a quick read that ends with several HEAs and promises of future HEAs that left my mouth watering for more of the Taste of Love series and Natasha and Frankie’s stories.

AuntSuze ,


The first book had errors. This one is mainly errors, as if English is a second language for the author. I hate that instead of a smoothly flowing story, this is a series of stupid errors i interspersed with plot lines. Hint-the plural form of a word and the possessive are not i interchangeable!

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