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Lord Oryon and Lady Isis of House Rigel are returning home from a historic meeting of the Assembly of Lords. Their universe has drastically changed in the last weeks since they arrived on Tornian and both are trying to adjust.

For Oryon, he was amazed how his Isis had blossomed. The support and companionship of the Earth females had given her a confidence he had never realized she lacked. She now touched him as she said she had always wanted to. She rested with him every night and was demanding to take a more active role in their lives.

For Isis, she couldn’t believe the things Earth females considered normal, things that she had never known were possible. Resting with a male. Going when and where they wanted to go and talking to whomever they wanted. Being involved in the running of their own House and then there were the amazing things they had told her that males and females could do together… during Joining.

House Rigel is going to be turned upside down and not everyone is going to be receptive to these changes.

March 31
Turtle Point Publishing, Inc
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Pdb44 ,

Love Isis

I really enjoyed the story. I don’t understand why all the female leads are always at risk of being raped. The villain in this story, was a thief. Isis unknowingly discovered his deception. He threw her across the room. That was more than enough abuse. No need of a threat of rape. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Isis just blossomed while being around the earth females. It was wonderful to see. Oryon changed as well. Although, he was always a good man, watching his Isis grow, changed him. You could see the love between them grow stronger. Her relationship with her children got stronger as well. Love it. This story, like Ynry’s, seems unfinished. I look forward to more.

vtHAD ,

Enjoyable story

The others in this series are new love found types, this is a long established couple that now have different perimeters in their society that changes their relationship, they also have grown children that have to adjust as well, so while this story doesn’t have the thrill of new love and beginnings, it does highlight that love isn’t stagnant, that you still have to work at and appreciate and try to keep love.
I hope for many more children for O & I.

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