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General Treyvon Rayner is the Supreme Commander of the Kaliszian Defenses. He is the cousin and trusted friend of the Kaliszian Emperor, Emperor Liron Kalinin, in spite of Treyvon’s ancestor being one of the causes of the Great Infection so many centuries ago. It is never far from Treyvon's mind, and he vowed he'd spend his entire life trying to make things right.

Chef Jennifer Neibaur dreamed of traveling to exotic places, of experiencing different cuisines, and learning how to prepare them. Her dream came true, but at a high price. She lost her sister. Her husband died. And she was severely injured. All that was enough for her to welcome death. But for a chef to end up in a place where food was just sustenance, and never something enjoyed, was the ultimate punishment.

Two strong, honorable people are both trying to find forgiveness and redeem themselves for things that were out of their control. Neither is looking for love. But if they can accept it, the forgiveness they find might be for more than just themselves.

February 28
Turtle Point Publishing, Inc
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

vtHAD ,

More story

Love the series for the K’s and the T’s. The author has left stringers in both for more story on the personal level and the fulfillment on the world building level, both I think that are done very well and I do look forward to more.

I am usually not a re-reader, but I have reread this series books so many times and am eager and anxious for the next ones to come out, the author has set the bar really high so there is much to win or lose.

***I read another’s comments about lead female being in her head too much, that it extended the story pointlessly (basically). I disagree. While it is ponderous, ?, or slowing, it is putting you mentally with her and what she is adjusting from. I think it is hard for some to understand the mental changes that happen when you are going through or been through a life changing event, for me my parameters changed in my thinking to adjust to the new reality and I would have moments of ‘before’ thinking, or memories of ‘before’ illness, not just the actions themselves but how I felt, how I made decisions etc...and how completely different I think and feel now. i think the author really captured her mental state, her reevaluating her past with how she thinks and feels now, showing how she has been changed by her experiences for the good.

Still loving this series

ViP_4everMo ,

Pretty good

It was a good read, but the constant grammar mishaps did start to bother me and I felt like the ending was rather abrupt. I do look forward to the next book, if only to read more about the story of these two characters.

Pdb44 ,

Interesting but not what I expected

Redeemed in the last chapters. I love the relationship of the ladies. Maysa, McKenzie and Jennifer. It was good to see and a fun threesome. I really don’t want to give too much away. It was a fun read. I will say Jen was in her head too much. Which made the story boring at times and entirely too long. Difficult to finish. She was not my favorite. The gods presence was a bit much. Too much Jen in her head and gods popping in and not enough story about Spada and the conspiracy. That part was rushed and tied up too nicely. The reunion was nice except for Jen’s harsh disposition towards Wray. The McKenzie in this story was more enjoyable and funny. There was so much to enjoy in this story. Especially chocolate. Grim is still my favorite then Nihkil.

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