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Giving away a billion dollars shouldn’t be this hard. 

Maxence saved Dree Clark from some bad guys in a Parisian bar, then he turned up on a charity mission to Nepal, so how the heck is he the Prince of Monaco? 

Or, well, not the prince. A prince. He’s the not head honcho because Monaco doesn’t have a sovereign prince right now. But it needs one. 

Maxence is the next person in line for the throne, but he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want anything to do with it. But other people do want the throne and the billions in wealth that go with it, people with evil agendas or who just want the money. Max is the only guy who stands in their way. 

And good people seem to be in short supply. 

Plus, he’s constantly distracted by the constant thorn in his side Dree Clark, who he’s conscripted to be his new secretary. Her curves drive him out of his mind, and her sweet soul is more than he’s ever hoped for. He wants to chase her around the desk and then run away with her to somewhere safe. 

Because Monaco is anything but safe for Prince Maxence. 

"Maxence is everything I love in a romance novel - a whipsmart man with an anguishing call to serve that conflicts with his love for Dree. I was spellbound!" - New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent  




 "What a wild and sexy race through Paris! Rogue masterfully combines nail biting suspense with high steam for the ride of your life with Maxence and Dree." USA Today bestselling author JJ Knight 




"Another masterpiece from Blair Babylon, who I am convinced keeps getting better and better. Max is not at all as I'd imagined him, and really it's no wonder, since he has been forced to repress who he is. The real Max keeps popping up his head, doing real-Max things that the other Max wishes he wouldn't do. He struggles with his inner demons to be a Godly man, but he hasn't quite figured out how to balance the different parts of himself, and as a result, tortures himself. He is a man searching for himself, impeded by too many bad guys who wish him harm. It's hard to focus on self-actualization while trying to simply survive without getting yourself killed." -- E.C., Goodreads Reviewer 




 "Blair's stories have always been hot but this one might be the hottest yet." -- Xtreme Delusions Book Blog 




 "I just couldn't stop reading! This book is addictive!" -- Kat, Goodreads Reviewer 




 "Rogue is a phenomenal romantic suspense that is sure to delight and entertain as it holds your heart and mind captive. Nothing can prepare you for the roller coaster ride that is Maxence. He will take you unawares and leave you completely breathless and wanting. If nothing else, you will learn why he is so addicting to the women that he meets." -- Words Are The Breath of Life Book Blog 




"Good gosh! Author Blair Babylon is a master at building suspense. I have been eagerly awaiting Maxence's story for YEARS. Finally it arrives and I am practically salivating as I tear into the book, excited that I will finally learn the truth about the elusive Maxence. As I am reading, I am finding that Maxence's unveiling is happening at the rate of an excruciatingly slow strips tease. The end of "Rogue" finds me with almost as many questions regarding who Maxence is as the beginning of the book-- but I promise that slooowly he is starting to be unveiled. One thing that is made abundantly clear is that Maxence lives two polar opposite lives and this results in my finding myself even MORE intrigued by him. Now THIS is what I consider phenomenal writing!" -- Lil Miss Reads A Lot Book Blog

March 31
Malachite Publishing LLC
Malachite Publishing

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Readnread ,

Need more!

OMG! I have just ridden the emotional rollercoaster to end all coasters! Maxence’s life is a tightrope and he’s trying to walk it while agonizing over his each step. Be a priest? His soul says yes. Rule Monaco? His head and gut say never! Make a life with Dree? His heart bursts with YES! But he forges ahead, keeping the country steady, looking for a solution and wary that no one can be trusted. Old friends rally, old enemies continue their plots and Max and Dree try to find a way through it all. Please hurry July. I need to see what happens!

I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way

ledoss ,

Awesome addition to the Maxence series.

Awesome read, however, total cliffhanger alert. The intrigue is thick with this installment of the Maxence series. Yet, the deadly corruption and underhandedness of most of the characters was not a surprise. I found Max to be humanly disappointing in places, yet hope of his redemption is in the next book. As always Blair, spins a great tale. Grab this whole series, it is addictive.

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