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Guide to Witcher 3: Wild Hunt contains a complete walkthrough of all main and side quests and a detailed world atlas with maps of all visited locations. In the guide you will find detailed descriptions of main quests, side quests, optional witcher contracts and treasure hunting quests. In the walkthrough of each quest the main focus has been placed on the ways of unlocking them, how to complete them and what rewards are given for it. In case of more advanced quests the description contains tactics for fighting stronger monsters and information about decisions and their consequences. In the walkthrough chapter you will find additionally pages with list of all quests, most important decisions and description of all endings. Atlas part of this guide focus mostly on all important locations visited while traveling through the game world (White Orchard, Velen, Novigrad, Skellige Islands). On the maps of world atlas you will find main cities and villages, places where you can meet merchants and other important NPCs, treasures locations, sign posts and unique territories (bandit camps, monster nests, abandoned places). High quality maps have been added both to pages of walkthrough and to world atlas. These maps have a clear markings that can be helpful in finding quest giver or location of a treasure. In atlas you will additionally find a page with a list of most valuable witcher trophies given for completing contracts. Witcher: Wilk Hunt is another installment in a highly praised series of role-playing games about adventures of witcher Geralt. This time, the main antagonist is the Wild Hunt, although before you face him you will have many other adventures on your way.

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