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Book 9 of the bestselling Black Mesa Wolves series by USA TODAY bestselling author J.K. Harper!

Raised by a dangerous pack, wolf shifter Luke Rawlins had a mind that was cold and ruthless, a heart that was dark and empty. When he finally escaped, he chose to live as a rogue wolf: always hunted, always watching his back.

Then the powerful Black Mesa pack took him in and offered him the chance to become alpha of his own pack. It was his only shot to create a bright new future—until the alluring, sexy she-wolf who once was his entire world suddenly reappears and utterly changes everything.

Controlled by the brutal pack that would never let her go, Tala Mingan resigned herself to living a short, lonely life. Until she managed to flee—and found Luke, the wolf who abandoned her. The sexy, amazing wolf who was her true mate.

Tala Mingan is the broken product of a deranged wolf pack. She even hurt the only man she ever loved so badly she knew he would never forgive her. Trapped by the cruel pack that will never let her go, she’s resigned to living a short, lonely, brutal life.

Despite the dark pain of their history, they still cannot deny the wild passion that once again flares between them. But their evil old pack will mercilessly hunt them down. Desperate to save themselves as well as their new pack, Luke and Tala must again join their hearts together—and finally heal their broken souls before it is too late. 

To the reader: This story is filled with intrigue, adventure, hot romance, and the secret world of wolf shifters. If you love shifters, small towns, and the power of wild love to always triumph in the end, this story is for you.

Black Mesa Wolves

Guardian Wolf

Alpha Wolf

Hunting Wolf

Wild Wolf

Solstice Wolf

Christmas Wolf

New Year Wolf

Protector Wolf

Fire Wolf

Savage Wolf 

Rogue Wolf 

February 9
Sable Moon Books
J.K. Harper

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