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A comprehensive treatise on golf's dreaded mishit — the shank — by the Southern California PGA’s Teacher of the Year.

This revolutionary golf primer incorporates numerous multimedia features, including:

- 29 video explanations and drills (nearly an hour of video instruction);

- interactive photo galleries and diagrams; and

- self-diagnostics.

Chapters include:

- Myths — Debunking misconceptions and conflicting advice regarding shanks;

- Diagnosis — Explaining different types of shanks;

- Causes — Analyzing swing flaws causing shanks; and

- Treatment — Exploring tips, drills, and training aids for curing shanks.

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August 20
Zach Allen Golf
Zach Allen

Customer Reviews

HW888SF ,

More than just shank advice.

This was probably the easiest and most enjoyable golf instruction I've ever read. It read so quickly and I didn't want to put it down. The videos are great and very applicable. The format is excellent and easy to comprehend. You can tell Zach is a top notch instructor. He explains the root cause of a swing flaw, describes the correct solution, then prescribes an easy drill to ingrain the correct feeling.

I'm a chronic shanker. It has plagued me for as long as I have golfed. Recently, it's gotten worse at times even though my swing has improved. This book highlighted my two biggest swing flaws (rolling the face open on takeaway and early extension) which I didn't fully realize we're root causes of shanks. I'm looking forward to working on those drills.

Yesterday I hit a shank on a short approach shot in the middle of my round. Zach's teaching of mentally overcoming it and looking at the next shot as an opportunity helped calm my mind. I didn't get frustrated or defeated, hit the next shot onto the green to save the hole and didn't hit one shank for the rest of the round!

I highly recommend giving this e-book a try even if you don't suffer from the shanks. It's fun with all the quotes and stories and you'll probably fix some flaws in your swing.

EnCurUj.com ,

Great mix!

Shank! is a great mix of video, photos, and explanation that shows the way out of my bad swing. Now all I need is time to practice what Zach preaches.

AudreyShawn ,

Great book!

Now I understand what causes a shank. What a great format for golf instruction. Shanks are gone!

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