Shark's Edge: Books 1-3

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In Los Angeles, where lights burn brighter and stars don’t just glisten in the sky, the Sharks are a family who inspire awe and respect—especially with the announcement that they’re building the most ambitious skyscraper on the downtown scene. Even in the land of the glamorous and the jaded, excitement runs high as The Edge starts to rise in its glistening glory.

But success carries a price, as everyone in this sweeping, suspenseful saga must learn. Boundaries are tested, souls are opened, passions are unlocked…enemies are confronted. Every story brings a journey of scandals, a ride of revelations, and a push to the very limits of what hearts can endure—until every character learns fate’s biggest lesson of all.

The edge is just the beginning.

This box set includes the first 3 books in the Shark's Edge series: Shark's Edge, Shark's Pride, and Shark's Rise.

March 16
Waterhouse Press
Waterhouse Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Angryguest ,

Good but…

I want to start by saying the writing is wonderful. All three books are very entertaining. And I can definitively say that none of the stories are constantly predictable. The three star rating is simply for 2 reasons. 1. There is a lot of skipping forward. Sometimes there’s mention of something to happen in the future and either it’s skipped and recapped or the story jumps right to it allowing for a large gap in time where you have to switch gears and alter your mindset for where the characters are in their relationship. Not a huge deal but it leads to issue 2. After all that skipping ahead, you would think there is plenty of time to tell the story, but nothing prepares you for the missing conclusion. Not exactly a cliff hanger but there are things unresolved that I only assume can be found in everyone else’s stories in the series. It’s frustrating because I wanted to see Sebastian and Abby’s HEA and I only got a piece. I don’t have it in me to read up to 9 more stories with the potential for disappointment so this is where I get off. However, if you don’t mind drawing out the story over several books, this is definitely for you. Its still a great story to read.

Tedbu ,

Just ok

Just didn’t care for this series.

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