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The time has come to step out of the shadows . . .

Valeria McGregor was a better shot, a better fighter, and smarter than everyone she’d ever gone up against as an agent for the DEA. Then she’d uncovered illegal activity within her own organization and was fired as part of a cover-up. Valeria is offered a chance to get back in the game as part of a secret elite group reporting only to the president. Valeria fully plans to find the men and women hell bent on ruling the world from the shadows, but she also has revenge on the mind.

Valeria secretly left her new team thinking she could go undercover to get to the bottom of how the shadow group was funded. Valeria discovered too late that when it comes to true evil, it’s best to face it with your team at your back. Alone and on the run, Valeria finds herself being hunted by some of the most dangerous people on the planet. She has learned how the shadow group has been funded and what they have planned next, but she still has to find out where before it’s too late. If the shadow group pulls off their next move, then there may be no stopping them.

Grant Macay would do anything for his former Air Force Pararescue team leader, Dalton Cage. So when Dalton calls and invites Grant into the fold, he doesn’t hesitate to drop everything to rescue Valeria. With her past at the DEA threatening her survival, and the world’s most vicious drug lord hunting her, a feisty Valeria and Grant must make their way back to the team to prepare for the battle of their lives. This woman is unlike anything he’s experience before and it doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly . . . as well as bullets. With time running out, Grant could only hope he and Valeria would be the ones left standing.

October 19
Laurens Publishing
Laurens Publishing

Customer Reviews

Mikyazmar ,


I read the first book, ‘Whispered Lies’ as a free download from Book bub. I read it non-stop through the night. I tell you, I do get free downloads from some sites has has never felt compelled to purchase the rest of the series right away!
I’d say this novel is exceptionally well written. Characters are lovable and very memorable. Suspense is maintained till the end. I’m a Voracious reader of literature, classics and modern novels of several genre. This book will remain as one of the best I’ve ever read.

no vanity name here ,

Too simple of a world view

Fox news has taught us that the public supports some media even when they make no attempt at protecting people from the powerful.

Smack004 ,

An excellent trilogy.

The author captured the essence of the political environment we live in - media manipulation included - and still managed to write about people. Kudos for having the guts to show how we are being manipulated and how regular people with skills can still fight the good fight.

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