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She’s a little bit crazy, she’s a whole lot beautiful, and she just might be psychic. Or not.

Opal Smith comes from a family of psychics, and all her life, she’s wanted to be just like them. Only problem, she doesn’t have a psychic bone in her body. At least not until she has a vision of a man falling off a freeway overpass and knows she has to save him no matter the cost.

He’s tall, dark, and dynamite. The reincarnation of Dynamite Davis, that is. Or not.

Jack Davis is a man who’s had too much crazy in his life. So what’s he supposed to do when a gorgeous woman bats her baby blues and begs him to help her stop a man from jumping off an overpass? It’s bad enough that he rear-ended her when she slammed on her brakes because she’d had a “vision”. But when her grandmother claims he’s the reincarnation of racecar driver Dynamite Davis and her mother thinks she was Cleopatra in a former life—not to mention the brother who talks to dead people and the sister who reads Tarot cards? Well, there’s only so much crazy a man can take.

But what if Opal’s the real thing? And her vision is just the tip of something evil coming their way. Now all Jack’s protective instincts are sparked. And instead of a man on an overpass, Opal is the one he’s desperate to save. Whether she thinks she needs him to or not.

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, “Sheer Dynamite” is a stand-alone contemporary new adult romantic comedy/mystery with a hint of paranormal.


“Completely entertaining” ~ 4 stars from Romantic Times

“Jennifer Skully proves, once again, that she can work magic with her stories.  Excellent!” ~ Huntress Reviews

“The perfect novel for the beach or a relaxing bath.” ~ Love Romances and More

“Sheer Dynamite it fun, feisty, and savvy read, keeping you laughing so hard you just won’t want to put it down.” ~ Contemporary Romance Writers

October 19
Redwood Valley Publishing, LLC
Redwood Valley Publishing, LLC

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