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April Edwards, a young widow, is content to manage a farm with her fourteen-year-old brother and a one-year-old daughter. Nothing, after all, could be worse than being married to her deceased husband. Nothing, that is, until her unscrupulous brother-in-law decides to marry her. With no other recourse, April and her brother concoct a plan--one that involves the unsuspecting doctor’s assistant, Joel Larson.

Joel Larson doesn't want to be married. In fact, he’s perfectly happy with things the way they are, but when he’s sent to check on April’s sick child, things take an unexpected turn for the worse. In one instant, he finds a gun and a mandate to marry April staring him in the face. Can a marriage that begins with a shotgun be just the thing Joel needs or has April just confined herself to another miserable marriage?

November 13
Ruth Ann Nordin
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Customer Reviews

KarinaQueen ,

Good read

I definitely liked this book and I typically don’t like “old west” style. There was definitely some sad parts but it was a good read!

PSemones ,

Sweetly written

I believe so far this book has been my favorite in the series... It's sweet how one can change their mind on something that they are so dead against when the right person walks into your life.

NolaWin65 ,

Shotgun groom

I didn't like this book; it didn't hold my interest enough for me to finish. It was bad enough that he allowed a kid to hold him at gun point to make him marry his sister but even worse she went along with it. When the brother stated he would lie to the preacher, I was done with the book. I didn't like how this was coming together so I didn't finish the book?

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