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As the pampered wife of Frankie Bingham, Camille wants for nothing. After all Frankie and their life together are her whole world. So Camille tries not to be bothered by his closeness with his coworker and dear friend Gillian. But it soon becomes clear that Camille's suspicions are correct. When his indiscretions become a public matter for the world Camille is pushed to a dangerous breaking point that spells disaster for them all.

Camille's sister Misa is newly divorced and clueless about men. She smothers men with phone calls, emails and pops up unannounced at their homes. She hacks into their voicemail and email and causes drama. So when she sets her sights on Baron, he has no idea what hit him. Will her quest to win his heart cost her everything?

Dominique Storms appears to have it all - a great career, a beautiful NYC condo and a gifted teenaged daughter. Her only problem is that the man she loves is incarcerated. While trying to juggle the demands of motherhood, work, and friendships, she manages to make her man Jamel a priority in her life. But is he doing the same? And is she too distracted to notice what is going on with her daughter?

Latoya Blake seems to be the one who has life all figured out, that is, until some skeletons are discovered in her closet. When her well-put-together façade crumbles, will she crumble as well?

Fiction & Literature
January 5
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

Nita Jo ,


Good book! Too many loose ends. There must me a sequel.....

MonkeyLove2574 ,

Snapped By Tracy Brown

The book is awesome just when you think you know the story plot it take a turn on you.

Kford0405 ,

Great bok, but horrible ending

I wasn't expecting the ending to be the way it turned out. After being entrenched in the book for a couple days, when I finally got to the end it's like the story just ended. It's like listening to your favorite song and just when it gets to the part of the song that you like the most, the song cuts off losing signal!

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