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I have been a licensed Realtor since 2005. I have mentored many new Realtor's right after they are registered and I see mistakes that they make time after time. The same mistakes that I had made when I first registered as a Realtor.

Even though I had family who had been in the business and I had worked as the equivalent of an unlicensed assistant it had been a long time. So years later I started taking my courses and I knew some of what I should do. I still ended up wasting my time and money when I was fully registered.

If I had only known then what I knew now…. It is not just myself either. Most people looking at taking the Real Estate courses are in the same position.

In Canada or the US these are the actions and activities you should be doing NOW before you are fully registered.

Don’t be caught in the traps and pitfalls that other new Realtor's hit. Make the first six months as productive as any experienced Realtor's six months.

Actions and activities you need to work on from before you take the first course all the way through to when you finally finish your last course and are signing up with a Real Estate Company.

This book is not about the real estate courses you could, or are taking. If you follow the direction within this book it will mean that you waste less time doing administrative work when you finish the last course and can instead focus on generating leads and working on money making transactions.

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January 23
Tom Germann
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