Something Crazy Something Crazy

Something Crazy

Chris Almeida and Others
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Publisher Description

Countermeasure: Bytes of Life and Bits of Life are tie-in/sideline series to the Countermeasure Series novels.

When inspiration hits Trevor, things can get a little crazy. Will Cassandra follow his lead?

Trevor knows the secret to a happy marriage is to keep the romance alive and the intimacy hot. He also knows that the perfect way to do that is to take Cassandra on a little adventure that will deliver both of these things.

Much to Cassandra’s surprise, Trevor treats her to a night of passion like she has never experienced before. Will the thrill of doing something crazy and unconventional add to the excitement?

For information on the series reading order, please visit the authors’ official website.

October 28
Éire Publishing, LLC
Eire Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Amy R 0406 ,

Crazy Fun!

Something Crazy by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey is another sweet yet steamy little Bit of Life that was originally provided in the authors' October Newsletter and is now published as it's own short story. In the future, if you want to read the Bits of Life from Chris and Cecilia for free, subscribe to their newsletter. Easy!

In Something Crazy, Trevor is antsy. He wants out of the house and wants to take Cassandra on an adventure. Inspiration sparks and he sets his plan into action. He simply tells Cassie what to wear and when to be ready. The suspense drives Cassie nuts as she tries to figure out what he is up to, but she trusts Trevor and goes along with the plan. She is rewarded with a crazy experience she will never forget.

Trevor is always challenging Cassie to step outside of her comfort zone and this definitely happens in Something Crazy. The bond between this married couple from the Countermeasure Series grows stronger in each story written by Chris and Cecilia and it is a pleasure to be along for the ride with them. They are a very real and fun couple to read about and one of my all time favorites.

In addition to the heartwarming story that always takes place in a Trevor and Cassandra book, we also get to read some smoking hot love scenes. Chris and Cecilia write such romantic and engaging intimacy that you feel what the characters feel. In Something Crazy you feel the cool air along your naked skin just like Cassandra. You feel the sweat that that breaks out due to the overwhelming heat and passion along with Trevor. Each time I read about the couple it feels like the first time all over again. The authors really make you squirm while reading in a delightful way.

Something Crazy is a really great read. It can be read on its own but is even better to read as part of the Countermeasure Series. If you are looking for an entertaining quick read where a married couple heads out on a sexy, crazy adventure, give this Bit of Life a try. And if you haven't read the Countermeasure Series, you will want to start after reading Something Crazy.

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