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Rhys Carey spent centuries evading the clutches of his twisted brother, unable to trust anyone. He longs for a home and for the love that he could not have while his brother lived. Now that his twin is dead, he's bound with a different set of chains, those of isolation and self-loathing, and they are impossible to escape. 

Savannah Baker is unbearably lonely. Her abilities as an empath have trapped her in a small life, with only a single friend to call her own. She dreams of so much more but holds no hope that she will attain her deepest desires.

When Rhys moves in across the street, the attraction between them blossoms into something more — a love neither of them believed they could have. 

Yet unbeknownst to Rhys, darkness stalks him, waiting for the opportunity to strike. The evil that shadows his every move will use whatever means necessary to ensnare Rhys, even kill the woman he can no longer live without.

Now that these two lost souls have finally found each other, they are in a battle for survival. And for love.

*Though this is the second book in the Blood & Bone series, it can be read as a standalone. Rhys was a secondary character in the Bitten series, so if you enjoy this book and you have not read that series, you should check it out!

July 18
Crystal W. Wilson
Crystal Wilson

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MirandaElaine ,


I just love when C.C. Wood writes a paranormal romance. She mixes humor, heat, interesting plots with a romance that makes you swoon.

Let's talk Savannah before we get to the star of the show, Rhys. As an empath she has to live a lonely, isolated life. For a recluse she desperately desired to be a part of the real world and find her one love. But, her ability means she is constantly overwhelmed with the feelings of those around her. I found her to be sweet and sassy. I loved when she got flushed or embarrassed around her hot new neighbor. Speaking of Rhys, boy did I LOVE him.

I'm a big fan of a damaged man and Rhys is as damaged as they come. His past has made him feel incapable of being loved but nothing could be father from the truth. He was patient, hot, alpha and all around amazing. The whole cast of characters in this book were the driving force for my love of it and if the next book in the series is about who I hope it is then I definitely cannot wait!

I honestly think there is something about how C.C. Wood writes paranormal that is appealing to both para readers and those who tend to avoid it. She was one of the first paranormal authors I read and her style reads like contemporary but with the fun of paranormal. Nothing is too complicated you can't easily follow along and yet the plots are always surprising and exciting. There has not been one I haven't enjoyed and Souls Unchained is yet another hit for me.

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