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A truly funny and inspiring story about that first crush in a world of witches and magic. 

Your magic is not a toy. 
It is not for cleaning your room. 
It is not for impressing your friends. 

These are the rules Willa lives by, until she meets Henry.

Henry had never fit in with anyone before, but with a little help from his new friend Willa, and a little magic, he starts to feel like he belongs. Until a tragic encounter with a sorceress destroys everything. 

Grab this bite-sized read, and enter the world of Willa Wicked today!

Young Adult
July 24
Oakland Press
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Julia Summers PA ,

Excellent Read!

Willa Wicked that pulls you in. The characters have a way of pulling you in. They are all unique in a way that gives it a different appeal then the average paranormal read. That’s why I love AM Hudson's work. There's a sense of freshness, an appeal that you never read elsewhere and a beauty of rawness that is beyond impeccable and realistic. Just when you think there is no hope, things change at the drop of a dime! A M Hudson is so good at that.

This novella took me by surprise. I'm a fan of the Dark Secrets series by A.M. Hudson and have been since 2011 so I was curious to see how this compared to her other novels, and all I can say is wow! At first, I wasn't sure because it's for middle school aged on up. This book is a wonderful charming tale with lots of adventure and a twist that has a bite! I would love to read more about Willa. It was awesome. If you loved Red, you'll love Willa Wicked!

The authors writing style is truly exceptional, the characters are great, the story is exceptional, and the underlying message I felt in the story is absolutely incredible.

Love is such a powerful emotion that exist and that explains this through out this story. There are many twist and turns in the story. Perhaps the most I've ever seen in a series. Each relationship pulls you in because it's hot yet forbidding and dangerous with some. It’s a phenomenal read that will blow you away!

The authors words flow effortlessly off the page and it's easy to follow. You stay focused throughout the book not getting lost like some authors in their adventure scenes. I loved the different characters and they draw you into their world making you feel as though you are really their. Thanks AM Hudson for one hell of a ride!

Briiiiiii98 ,


I like how even though this was such a short book you still get attached to the characters. Definitely a good little read