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There are old wounds in the forgotten places of the world, and some are soaked in blood.

Jacob and his allies flee into the Deadlands after the fall of Ancora. Charles, the enigmatic smith, hopes to find answers in the desert city of Bollwerk that could prevent a war.

Their enemies are many, and here Jacob will learn the cost of life in the Deadlands.

Young Adult
January 19
Eric Asher
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Baron&Duchess ,

I’m hooked!

This is a very good series! I have read the first two books and can honestly tell you that the story line is full of surprises and very believable characters. The action in book two was so nonstop, that I finished reading it in about two hours! Going to buy the last book in this trilogy right now!

susu707 ,

Love This Steampunk Series

I give this book a 4.5 star rating. This is the second book in The Steamborn series. This book should not be read as a standalone, as it takes off where Book One ended and it is open ended for the storyline to continue in Steamsworn (Book #3).

The series has a steampunk setting with really really big bugs and other creatures. The author continues to richly describe the setting and characters as he did in Steamborn. Please note that there is violence and this book may not be suitable for more sensitive readers.

Jacob, Alice, Charles and Samuel have left Ancora for the desert city of Bollwerk. There they gain new allies and find old enemies are gaining power. What they thought was a peaceful coexistence turns out to be anything but. Some things are lost, some things are recreated, and earlier choices are looked at differently now. History does repeat itself.

I really am enjoying this new world and can't wait to read the next book to find out if they are able to defeat their enemies and can again bring peace to their cities.

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