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Thousands of readers have already fallen in love with the Briarleys — a scandalous family whose final descendants must do whatever it takes to secure their legacy. In the explosive conclusion to the Heiress Games series, Lucretia Briarley is on the verge of inheriting Maidenstone Abbey — but an unexpected arrival threatens everything she’s worked so hard to protect.

A thief on his final mission…

Maximus Vale is one of London’s top jewel thieves, and he’s protected his orphaned siblings by breaking every rule in the book. But his youngest brother is in mortal danger, and Max needs one final job — one lucrative enough to help his family leave England forever. He boldly claims to be the lost heir to the Briarley fortune, planning to steal everything he can carry and escape before anyone proves that he’s lying. Love is a distraction he can’t afford….

A debutante with a devastating secret…

Lucretia Briarley is prim, proper, perfect — everything everyone expects her to be. But her flawless reputation hides a sin she committed years ago — one that will destroy her and everyone she loves if it ever comes to light. Lucy will do anything to inherit Maidenstone Abbey and keep her secret safe — even making a risky offer to help Max claim the earldom in exchange for marrying her.

An arrangement that can destroy them in a heartbeat…

An attraction that starts as a game becomes something too powerful to ignore. But falling in love is a mistake neither can make. Their secrets and schemes set them on a collision course — one that their families may not survive. Is the growing love between a daring, clever thief and a prim, determined debutante enough to conquer everything and win the Heiress Games?


Duke of Thorns (Heiress #1)

Lord of Deceit (Heiress #2)


“Ms. Ramsey has woven a story of revenge, passion, deception, destiny, desperation and romance, into an utterly compelling Regency Historical Romance.” - April Renn, My Book Addiction

“Sara Ramsey delivers another story as only she knows how. I have read every single one of Sara's books and I can say I've never been disappointed. Her stories are the kind you can't ever put down once you start reading.” - Evie Knight, In Love With Romance

“Sara Ramsey just gets better with each book. Octavia and Rafael are a revelation.” - Dana Grisham

“Sara Ramsey has woven an intricate and utterly compelling story around deceit, hypocrisy, and revenge unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Octavia and Rafe are amongst the most fascinating and complex characters I have ever seen, and Octavia ranks as one the strongest, fiercest, most intriguing women I have ever seen….Such a rare talent is not seen that often, and I will be awaiting the next book in this series with bated breath, as it promises to be as wonderful as LORD OF DECEIT.” - Monique Daoust, Buried Under Romance

“Ms. Ramsey has the knack for writing snappy, humorous dialogue and there’s much to enjoy in their verbal sparring, which is often funny and poignant – sometimes at the same time – and I enjoyed the insights we were given into the Briarley family dynamic through the ages. They sound like a completely bonkers lot!” - Caz, All About Romance

“The passion fire and chemistry between Gavin and Callie is scorching and the writing flows so perfectly that you forget you a reading a story. This is a truly magnificent piece of art and should be appreciated as such.” - Jessi, Goodreads

“Amazing book! And I sincerely believe Sara Ramsey is one of the best among the regency romances authors. Her stories are never trivial, her heroines unpredictable and unusual for the time, strong, smart and funny and her male protagonists are absolutely magnificent.” - Cinzia, Goodreads

April 11
Sara Wampler
Sara Wampler

Customer Reviews

melhanson1975 ,

Another Winner

I LOVED IT!!!! Max is mine! I am claiming him and I will only share him with Lucy! I didn't think I could love her so much after the last two books, but I should have known Sarah could do it!

ACruz2 ,

An Amazing ending to this series!

"Taking The Earl" is the third and last book of the Heiress Games series. It's a spinoff of Muses of Mayfair series. Ok, side-note read the both series starting with Muses. You won't be disappointed. Ok, now about "Taking The Earl" I loved it! I don't want to give away spoilers. But, Lucy and Max are made for each other. Their story is a story of trust! Can they trust each other and trust their own hearts for a Happily Ever After. Well you'll need to read to find out! Sara Ramsey writes with such heart and wit how could I not fall in love with her characters. I can't wait to read more from her. Great historical, romantic, funny, sexy, writing Sara! Thank You


Saving the Best for Last

This is my favorite of Ramsay's books to date. It is so rare in historical romance to find a H/h pairing that truly feels equal. And while I dread dramatic irony, the secrets in this book didn't phase me as the pages flew by. I am pleased I took Taking the Earl and now I plan to go back and start over with Heiress Without a Cause, so much did I enjoy Ramsay's latest effort.

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