Tender Is the Night

Callaway Cousins #2

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"Fabulously written characters with wit and humor. Action packed and dramatic. Sexy and angst filled. Intense twists and turns. I love this family." Terri - Goodreads

FBI agent Kate Callaway is on her way to San Francisco for a family wedding when her boss asks her to make a side trip to help an ex-agent with a cold case.  

Devin Scott wants FBI resources to find a serial arsonist, who is believed to be dead. Instead, he gets a newly minted agent who is a beautiful, idealistic and irritating distraction. He wants her to walk away, and she knows she should go…but she can't. 

Suddenly, Kate is caught up in an intriguing mystery and the arms of a dangerously sexy man, whose obsession with truth and justice could put not only his life on the line but also hers.

Don't miss this riveting romance by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy!

What the readers are saying…

"Wow, I couldn't put it down once I started reading! Read Barbara Freethy's Tender Is The Night and immerse yourself in yet another Callaways saga." Virginia - Goodreads

"I love Barbara Freethy books and this story did not disappoint. The pace was steady and before I knew it, I was at the end of the story. I look forward to learning more about Kate and Mia’s family. 5 stars!" Debbie – Goodreads

"Author Barbara Freethy does a masterful job of creating a plot that draws the reader to a suspenseful climax. With each new book in the Callaway series, she brings together a wonderful blend of love, family and suspense." RJ – Goodreads

"The characters are complex and grow throughout the story. The twists & turns of the plot keep you involved. I was caught from the beginning and could not put it down." Pam – Goodreads

"The writing was captivating, with vivid description, thrills and chills, and unexpected twists making this a real page turner. The tension was thick with plenty of suspense, great chills, thrills with unexpected twists that kept the reader on the edge of the seat." Carol - Goodreads

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Customer Reviews

5 Feathers ,

Tender is the Night

I really enjoyed reading this book

Inis2010 ,

Tender is the Night

I've read all of the books so far. They are addicting! I'm looking forward to the next one. What a great, big family!


Love this Callaway Cousin Book!

An intriguing mystery with a surprise ending, Kate Callaway, an FBI agent is assigned to work with Devin, who is obsessed with solving the death of his FBI partner. Devin has left the FBI disillusioned when the investigation is concluded without resolution.

An arsonist is targeting buildings in San Francisco. Kate and Devin have to determine the pattern and then discover who the arsonist is before further lives are lost and buildings destroyed.

Of course the Callaway family is intertwined throughout the story. The chemistry between Kate and Devin is hot, making this book a fun read. I finished it in about 4 hours since I could not put it down.

Look forward to more Callaway books and hope the series continues for a long time.

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