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Accessory is the fourth book in The Academy Scarab Beetle Series

Kayli Winchester is still recovering from her last adventure and is out hunting for her missing brother, Wil, when Ethan Murdock calls, asking for help. Billions of dollars have gone missing and Kayli is the perfect person to find them – as one of the few people Ethan trusts.

Only one problem: The team is led by Blake Coaltar.

Kayli negotiates her way into a co-lead position, but for the Academy guys, that might not be good enough. The Academy doesn't trust Blake and the last thing they want is for her to get mixed up with him.

The guys can't persuade the willful Kayli to abandon the cause. They give her five days to convince them they should stay in this job. If she can't, the boys want her to walk away.

Kayli goes undercover and becomes the hot topic around some of the most wealthy and powerful CEOs in Charleston. Now she has to prove she's a secret investor for old Mr. Murdock from before he disappeared, and convince them all she's the real deal. She dives into her assignment head-first, but one uncovered complication after another threatens the mission. 

No matter how close to the chest Kayli plays her hand, secrets have a way of being discovered, and Axel, Corey, Brandon, Marc and Raven aren't going to like the truth she's keeping from them. Being forced to work together for a week with an enemy may tear them all apart, leaving Kayli with nothing.

It might be up to Blake Coaltar to save them from each other.

August 25
Arcato Publishing, Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Dr. Beth ,


Another great addition to C.L.'s Scarab Beetle series. These Academy books are absolutely fantastic! Full of excitement, humor, love, rivalries and crazy situations. But they are all bout togetherness and loyalty.
In "Accessory", Kayli teams up with Fancy(Future) and Avery again to help Blake help Ethan try to fix more problems he found that his father had created within his company...huge amounts of money were missing and unaccounted for. All the company "big-wigs" were on a week-long company cruise and this might be the best way for Ethan to start finding out who he could and couldn't trust within his company.
Needless to say, the Academy boys somewhat unwillingly went along with Kayli to help. Not knowing who the targets were or who they could trust, soon they were all in over their heads...quite literally. And all the while, Kayli is still trying to figure out her feelings for each of the boys and Blake.
This was a really great book...but oh, the cliffhanger at the end!! Can't wait to read the next book "Hoax"! Wish C.L. would get them out quicker, but then who wants to rush excellence?!?! Love these books so much that I go back & read the entire series each time a new one comes out (and sometimes again when I just want a great series to read)! ❤️❤️❤️ACADEMY❣❣❣

Dirtybut ,


All talk about uninteresting work... I can't read this garbage. Where is the romance?

Wildest reader ,

The academy- Accessory

Love this series. This one really heats up!

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