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The Battle of Bloody Ridge
Americans at War

by C D Wilson

No one had done more to win victory, than Mike O’Brien had. Those whose lives he saved during The Battle of Bloody Ridge will never forget his self-sacrificing heroic actions. “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

Mike O’Brien a young New York City man served his country. His young wife received his Medal of Honor posthumously.

The Korean War, 1950 to 1953, the Forgotten War, 33,665 U.S. Armed Forces members were KIA, 92,134 were wounded and 8,176 are still MIA. One million seven hundred and eighty nine thousand Americans served in the Korean War. We must not forget their sacrifice.

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Early one morning her worse fears materialized when she received that dreaded telegram from the War Department. The Commanding Officer of Pine Camp and the pastor delivered it. It stated, ‘Corporal Mike O’Brien had been KIA, killed in action in Korea. He had died in the Battle of Bloody Ridge. For valor above and beyond the call of duty; he had received the recommendation for the Medal of Honor.’

Corporal O’Brien refused to leave his wounded comrades, including the commanding officer Captain Jake Smith, during the Battle of Bloody Ridge on September 5, 1951. When darkness set in the survivors attempted to withdraw to US lines. Corporal O’Brien carried the wounded Captain to safety. He then made a second trip beyond the safety of US lines to rescue Corporal Dempsey the second wounded man stranded in no man’s land.

Upon getting to the safety of American lines, additional enemy troops attacked. Corporal Mike O’Brien sacrificed his life by using his own body to shield the three wounded men lying in the foxhole by throwing himself on a live enemy hand grenade thrown into the foxhole by enemy soldiers.

I am probably one of the first to accept the fact that the dead were not in any rush. However, in this case Mike held a special place in my heart I had an obligation to honor him and come hell or high water I could not leave him there in a ditch wrapped in a poncho. I went investigating transport but transport found me.
Somebody gave me a coffee and a Hershey chocolate bar which was nourishment I badly needed. I took a bite of the bar and as I was taking a sip of java, I felt the rest of the chocolate bar yanked out of my hand. I wheeled around and looked into the eyes of a little white-faced mare with a US Marine blanket on her back.
Where did a damn horse come from I thought as I gawked at her in shock and she seemed to mock me with her look of self-satisfaction of chocolate bar enjoyment. At that moment, she nudged me looking for another Hersey bar. One of the Grunts told me that she belonged to the Marine Corps and she was their American War Horse.
He told me that she made over thirty trips up the mountain by herself bringing much needed ammunition. They all loved her and swore she was their lucky horse. They called her Reckless. Without another thought, I reached out and petted her between her eyes and it was as though she felt my sorrow when she bowed her head and pawed the ground.
I went over to Mike’s body and with the others help we placed his body on Reckless. One of the soldiers Mike had saved in the foxhole reached into his knapsack and removed a battle damaged American flag, which we draped over Mike.
Reckless turned and began her long trip back down the mountain with Mike on her back and I followed her.

Please view America’s own War Horse Sgt. Reckless:


Mike told his wife, if anything ever happened to him, she must get on with her life. Little did she know one of the men, saved by Mike, would be the man, she would eventually marry?

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December 17
C D Wilson
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