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To Hell and Back

By C D Wilson

Lieutenant Reg O’Brien is a third generation American warrior. His grandfather fought in the Philippines as Guerilla fighter against the Japanese invaders, his father fought in Korea and posthumously received the Medal of Honor. Lieutenant Reg O’Brien is a Phantom fighter pilot shot down over North Vietnam and has a harrowing escape through the jungle to the Gulf of Tonkin. At the same time saving his best friend Lieutenant Chuck Walker. Wounded in the escape Reg will never fly again.
Reg O’Brien is an American hero wounded in Vietnam. He returns to the US where he finds true love with Navy Captain Sadie Morgan, she is his doctor at Walter Reed Hospital.
His story follows homeland battles against organized crime and terrorists that attempts to corrupt US forces and private industry. His victories lead him to the US Senate and the inner circle of power with the Whitehouse as its hub.
After he returns home, he decides to attend the Naval War College when he recuperates from his wounds. He took standard courses in the first few semesters then specialized in Warfare Analysis and Research. Trained to develop strategic concepts to advise the Chief of Naval Operations, the advanced courses led him to a position in Naval Intelligence.
He fights corruption in the military and on the streets of America. His success leads him to an advisory position with the CIA and the FBI where he helps fight the flow of drugs into the United States. In so doing, he assists in the take down of Mafia kingpins and the Terrorist, who are using drug money to advance their cause.

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February 23
C D Wilson
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