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If you like billionaire romances, and royals and aristocrats, you'll love the Duke Society Series! If you like old castles, a bit of mystery and intrigue, witty banter, and hot, brooding heroes, even better!

Three elderly contemporary dukes meet each year in London at their club to reminisce. This year their meeting has a sense of urgency. Time is running out. In an age where the nobility is fighting to stay relevant and not be relegated to the pages of history, where many of their peers have lost their estates and seen them become discount hotels, these three are fighting to keep their estates and titles intact after their deaths. To leave a legacy. They'll use their wits and ruthlessness to bring the next generation in line and find them wives. They've never played matchmaker before, but that won't stop them from making sure their handsome, unwilling heirs marry. Nothing will.

If you've already read one of the Duke Society Series romances, this is bonus material. If you haven't, it's not necessary to read it first.

*Please Note—This is a prologue to the series, not a full-length novel. It's just a taste of this royal and aristocratic billionaire romance series. Maybe think of it more as a little aperitif. Or like those samples at the grocery store where you can taste a tidbit before you buy. It's a look behind the scenes at what's happened before the first book begins. Don't worry—there's plenty more to come!

Praise for The Duke Society Series from readers:

 "Witty, charming, and suspense filled."

"Hard to put down!"

"I loved the characters, Bliss and Ren. It was an entertaining story with lots of unexpected twists and turns."

"…a unique take on a modern-day duke and duchess novel…Ren is freaking hot!"

October 30
Three Jays Press LLC
Three Jays Press

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