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Born a slave, survived a free bondswoman, reborn an outspoken abolitionist, Sojourner Truth died a heroine of graceful proportions. But the story of her inner struggles is as powerful and provocative as her accomplishments and could be captured only in fiction. This emotionally searing novel beautifully infuses the historical atrocities of the 1800s with psychological speculation of who Sojourner Truth really was, beyond her social and political persona. Reminiscent of White Oleander, Bastard Out of Carolina, and Their Eyes Were Watching God, Jacqueline Sheehan’s book tells the story of Sojourner Truth as it has never been told before.

“I rode to earth on the backside of a comet.” So begins the story, based largely on the early life of Sojourner Truth. Born at the turn of the nineteenth century to slaves of a New York State Dutch farmer, given the name Isabella, the young child is sold off at the age of nine to a succession of owners---some cruel, some indifferent, all assuming that she, as a colored girl, is nothing more than property. But Isabella has dreams and fears and deeply felt faith that somehow see her through the indignities and beatings she must tolerate. Ultimately she triumphs against the most enormous of odds to speak out against slavery and for women’s rights as long as she draws breath.

A Comet’s Tale is a testament on one woman’s strength and a powerful lesson in courage.


“…Sheehan’s writing is lively and vivid and her feel for historical detail is fine…”

-The New York Times

“…an emotionally and lyrically powerful novelization of the life of Sojourner Truth…offering a new way of looking at one of history’s greatest champions of freedom.”

-Publisher’s Weekly

“…Sheehan offers a solid portrait of slavery that also brings the child and young woman to life.”

-Kirkus Reviews

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July 16
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Hannah111333 ,

The Comet's Tale

Amazing. I had no idea what I was in for when I bought this book. It was a suggestion at the end of reading, The Kitchen House, another excellent read. But this was easily the best book I've read so far. I'm amazed at the author's insight into Sojourn's life. I feel like I know her yet I wish I could know her more. I'm still speechless after just finishing it in a few days time. Definitely a must-read.

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