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“Epic storytelling on a par with Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan.” —Library Journal. This Wayfarer Redemption discounted ebundle includes: Wayfarer Redemption, Enchanter, Starman, Sinner, Pilgrim, Crusader

Sara Douglass’s The Wayfarer Redemption begins and ends with prophecy – of ancient beings who came to the land of Tencendorand set in motion a struggle that has lasted for millennia…and how their descendants are faced with the discovery of an artifact that could rule the Stars.

The Wayfarer Redemption: One young woman, Faraday, betrothed of Duke Borneheld, discovers that all she has been told about her people's history is untrue. Now she must fight against oppressive forces until everyone knows the truth of the Star Gate.

Enchanter: Axis is a true hero, in every sense of the word. On his shoulders lies the double burden of prophecy and war. Having fulfilled the first part of the prophecy by becoming the StarMan, he now must reunite the three races inhabiting his world.

Starman: All know the tale of the Prophecy of the Destroyer, a riddle that foretold how Axis would defeat his half-brother and lay claim to the land that Tencendor will be created upon. But prophecies can sometimes be mecurious things.

Sinner: The land Tencendor has been united for more than forty years. The Starman Axis defeated the dreaded monster Gorgrael and by fulfilling his destiny he has brought peace finally to this land: Attaining god-like powers, Axis retires to the ethereal sphere in the heavens. All seems golden for this land. Or so it might seem.

Pilgrim: The Star Gate is destroyed and the Star Dance is dead. Icarii Enchanters, gods, and humans alike are helpless as the TimeKeeper Demons lay waste to Tencendor. There must be hope left, but no one knows wher to find it.

Crusader: Choosing the land of Tencendor as their last battleground, the demons break through the Star Gate. The Gate destroyed, all magic in the world is gone and the three races of Tencendor are plunged into darkness. But there is one hope left: DragonStar.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 16
Tom Doherty Associates

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