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THE COVETED GIRLS is book #3 in the #1 bestselling Suburban Murder series, which begins with THE FORGOTTEN GIRLS, book #1!

In the magnificent, sought after Hamptons a young au pair has vanished. When she shows up savagely raped and murdered, in the Bronx, top SVU detective Bella de Franco is called to the scene and ordered to find her killer. She enters the life this young woman led, from the sleazy NYC nanny agency whose owner runs a sex ring, to the wealthy families who employ these girls, both in the city and at the beach, and finds a world whose physical beauty masks a twisted existence. 

Bella is no longer a stranger to places where privilege and money hide secrets. She and her new partner, Mack, have just solved two murders in towns inhabited with the one percent. But in this fabled playground of the rich, where thirty million dollar homes hide behind electric wrought iron gates and hand cut hedges, Bella encounters a culture sharper, and more shocking, than anything she has seen before. Husbands with power and influence, revered for their money and status, do whatever they want. Wives, fixtures for a public image, look the other way, as long as the perks keep coming. Friends, who love the lifestyle, keep friends secrets. Even the kids, who once knew better, remain quiet in the face of it all.

Bella works tirelessly to uncover the truth about the high paid escorts, phony marriages, and broken families that littered the life of her victim, and to find who it was who needed the young girl out of the way. But she doesn’t expect the answer she gets, one that leads her to question all she thought she knew…

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 11
Alexa Steele
Melissa Bohrer

Customer Reviews

Bri. T ,


All three books were amazing and I’m so excited for Book 4. It’s been some years since I actually indulged into a great book, nonetheless, a murder series! I was not disappointed. Looking forward to what’s next!!!!

#Sammy81 ,

Great story line! Needs better editor!!

I enjoy these books and really get into the story lines. The author does a wonderful job of creating a world that pulls the reader in. My only complaint is there are numerous grammatical errors throughout the book, most of which are plain to see and could have easily been corrected. I understand most novels have a few errors, it’s expected. But I found the errors to be distracting quite in this case. With that said, I will still read the next book and will still recommend them to friends.

Redhead270 ,


Great book...need more!!😊

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