The Girl Who Sees The Girl Who Sees
Book 1 - Sasha Urban Series

The Girl Who Sees

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Publisher Description

I'm an illusionist, not a psychic.

Going on TV is supposed to advance my career, but things go wrong.

Like vampires and zombies kind of wrong.

My name is Sasha Urban, and this is how I learned what I am.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 7
Mozaika Publications
Mozaika LLC

Customer Reviews

Hopeful4More ,

The girl who sees

Sasha starts her day off like any other, believing she is a mental illusionist and doing whatever it takes to further herself in the world of magicians. The first big step to working towards her goal is to get through the tv interview and hoping nothing goes wrong with her performance. Things go smoothly but leaves her feeling different when she’s finished. Over the course of the next few days odd things continue to happen. Her dreams become more vivid, too realistic, and then there’s the sense of Déjà vu that follow them. The world around her become less mundane and Sasha can’t help but see everything that seems supernatural as a magical trick. Questioning herself to figure out how it was performed. However she just can’t wrap her head around it. Then zombies are constantly coming after her and forces her to open her mind to other possibilities. As Sasha starts to put the pieces together from past performances, dreams, conversations and the actions of those around her, she realizes that she’s been wrong about herself. After all this time claiming to not be psychic might just be coming back to bite her. Now she sees the world in a new light. Wondering who all belongs to the supernatural group called the “cognizant” and how it’ll effect her life in the future. Pick up a copy and find out exactly what transpires from the time Sasha starts her TV interview and the events that lead her to learning supernaturals exist and she’s one of them. A seer.

lovesbooks6565 ,

Solid start to this series!

I received an ARC for a honest review. This is my first book from this author. I came upon this book through Anna Zaires' books. This book is not in the same vein as her dark romances. Although paranormal is not my go to books, The Girl Who Sees was definitely an interesting read. I really enjoyed the smart heroine and all the twists and world building. Basically the heroine lives a "normal" life with her passion being performing magic. Something happens and a whole paranormal worlds opens up to her. That's when everything gets interesting! I can't wait until book 2!

CoteTaja ,

Love this story by Dima

Another great work by Dima Zales. I normally don’t read this genre but every so often I do want to read something different so Dima’s books are my go to. I have read few of his other books and truly enjoyed this different world. Girl who sees definitely didn’t disappoint. Right from beginning I was intrigued with the blurb and wanted to read Sasha’s story.
She appears to be ordinary girl (or that’s what she thinks) who does magic tricks. She got invited to the tv show where she first time had her vision. Later on her vision becomes true, but she kept refusing to believe she has any supernatural powers.
Story line gets even more interesting with lots of different issues and twists.
I love Sasha’s character. She is super cool, funny, interesting girl. Im looking forward to more of Sasha and this fantasy world.

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