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Christians trying to model their lives after Jesus may find that He gets buried under lists, rules, and formulas. Now bestselling author Randy Alcorn offers a simple two-point checklist for Christlikeness based on John 1:14. The test consists of balancing grace and truth, equally and unapologetically. Grace without truth deceives people, and ceases to be grace. Truth without grace crushes people, and ceases to be truth. Alcorn shows the reader how to show the world Jesus -- offering grace instead of the world's apathy and tolerance, offering truth instead of the world's relativism and deception.

Grace or Truth…or Both?

Truth without grace breeds self-righteousness and crushing legalism.

Grace without truth breeds deception and moral compromise.

Is it possible to embrace both in balance?

Jesus did.

Randy Alcorn offers a simple yet profound two-point checklist of Christlikeness. “In the end,” says Alcorn, “we don’t need grace or truth. We need grace and truth. And for people to see Jesus in us, they must see both.”

Religion & Spirituality
January 9
The Crown Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

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Well done!

The author made a lot of good points and really shed a lot of light on the subject of grace and truth. Definitely recommend this!

MKWick ,

Another Winner From Pastor Alcorn

I read The Grace and Truth Paradox at the end of 2004, but I chose to pick it up again due to a Changes That Heal study that my wife and I were a part of. This little book will take you maybe 1 1/2 hours to read and has lots of little stories with powerful messages behind them. I really like the book and give it an A+. Here is a memorable quote, "It's not about earrings, tattoos, clothing, drinking wine, or smoking cigars. It's about justice, righteousness, love, and mercy. It's about grace and truth." I like that line. I also want to recommend Alcorn's Heaven book.

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