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Indentured Bride by Joan Russell. 11,194 Words. Victorian Erotic Romance. Maggie Ingram sold herself into indentured slavery to avoid being raped. Her decision took her to the colonies, into the loving arms of Dr. Joshua Hughes and eventually to revenge against her father’s evil attorney. Contents: Explicit erotica, anal sex, bondage, hooding, multiple orgasms, hooding, and more. All Characters are 18 and over. Adult +.


Our conversation had interested me so much that I had forgotten why we were here, forgotten to be afraid.

“I would very much like to take you to bed,” he said after another endless pause. “But I won’t if you object.”

“I have no experience,” I replied as if that was an answer. I was mentally sifting through objections as I answered. He had bought me. He had every right to use me as he wished. He had also been kind to me and was asking me to have his way with me.

He actually snorted as he laughed, “Do you have any idea how often that captain mentioned the word virgin during our transaction? If I am aware of anything I am aware that you have no knowledge of men. And, your response does not answer my question.”

I studied him. He had courted me from the beginning. He had been generous with Polly and my new clothes and he was honoring me with the question. It was kind and flattering and in the end I would some day face a deflowering perhaps with someone less considerate if I did not please my owner. I made up my mind.

“Yes,” I said simply. “I’m frightened but yes.”

“My job is to excite you to the point where you are no longer frightened – to the point where are begging me to enter you,” he said.

“Can you actually do that?” I asked, trying to imagine what it might be like to beg him.

“It has been known to happen,” he said and I caught the bright humor in his dark eyes.

“Come, share my chair.”

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January 27
Joan Russell
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