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For a thousand years, Commander William Johnson has guided the humans toward joining the Coalition, an alliance of advanced civilizations in the galaxy. Soon after they finally do, the Kaitians--the servant species of the long-extinct Hwzeenn--launch an all-out assault against other species in the galaxy with only one goal: extermination.
In order to survive, William and others in the Coalition must find a way to stop the Kaitian attack before it’s too late.

“It's either them or us. And I'd rather it'd be them, even it means a seat in hell for us.”

The Kaitian War is the fifth story from the Strangers’ Universe and it’s a direct sequel to Truths, Half-Truths and Lies.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 16
Sami Salkosuo
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

See1Ace ,

A very good story

Very entertaining, simple prose, but it flowed well and contributed to the story. Many new concepts that were not clearly defined but left to the reader imagination. The Sci-Fi was present but not overpowering with jargon and technical forays. Would recommend to others looking for a lite read.

SoccerGuy3 ,

Entertaining, but hard to read at times.

Fairly good story, but the grammar was horrible. Typos, missing words and just the wrong word throughout made it tough reading at times.

Jubjubajub ,


This has been an amazing continuation of the Strangers' saga where the author again engages into contemplating what the future may hold for the humanity, if they overcome their shortcomings and open their eyes and hearts to new possibilities!
Great book and I really cannot wait to read what the author has in his "brain" for the sentient machines, the First Sentient, the Forgotten Ones and the Humanity!
Keep imaging, Mr. Salkosuo!
Respectively, DI, KC, USA

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