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The New York Times bestselling series from Brandon Sanderson. This boxed set contains:
Mistborn, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 1
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Customer Reviews

zedkolk ,

My favourite novel

This trilogy was my introduction to Sanderson. I first read these three in 2017. I was glued, finished the trilogy in its entirety in a week. I’ve read the following trilogy as well as other Sanderson books and while those are good this is his best. I’ve come back to it and read it three times since 2017. I’m about to start reading it again cause I love it so much.

Why do I love it? The characters have so much nuance. At times you think to yourself “the good guys are doing ‘good’ things but with bad motives” and “the bad guy is honestly just trying his best.” There’s also rich descriptions without being distracting from the storyline, the perfect in between that makes you able to imagine exactly what the author is while still being totally engrossed in the story.

Sanderson’s use of religion is fascinating. Before thinking that’s a red flag (atheists, non-theists), it doesn’t advocate any existing religions. He makes up some religions and weaves them into the story in very interesting ways.

His character building is on point. I’m not typically one to get emotionally attached to fictional characters, but I cried when bad things happened to
Vin and was genuinely excited for her when certain things happened (not gonna spoil anything).

fantasy_reader ,

How could someone give this one star?

I don’t see how someone could give this one star. Either they didn’t read it, or are making a bad joke, because from the characters, to the plot, to the interesting magic system, these books are some of the best I’ve ever read, and I read them for hours at a time, because I just couldn’t stop! For anyone who even remotely likes fantasy genre, READ THESE BOOKS!!! 5.5/5 stars

Markus1023 ,

Great ending, not always a great journey

—-Minor Spoilers —-

I found it hard to warm up to the characters in this book, especially Vin. I ended up liking her more towards the end of Book 3, but I did not find her very believable (e.g. how quickly she changes from feelings of worthlessness and trusting nobody to the exact opposite.) The books also offer very little of a buildup between her and Elend (who also undergoes very rapid and abrupt changes).

The many characters (too many, or maybe not fletched out enough) often felt flat, and other than Sazed and maybe “OreSeur” I didn’t really feel I connected with any of them.

The whole system of Allomancy felt gimmicky to me at times. Simply put and for lack of better words, I didn’t think it as “cool” as the book maybe wants to convey. It didn’t bother me either and it worked well tied into the bigger picture, but I didn’t buy the one dimensional bad a**ery Vin was supposed to portray.

However, I thought the Inquisitors, Terrismen, the Lord Ruler, Feruchemists, among other things, helped create a very interesting world and the third book finished with a completely unexpected and “awesome” ending. I did not see it coming, I never read a series and was so moved by an ending. I think the ending makes the difference between 3 and 4 stars in this case.

Unlike Stormlight, I don’t get the praise. Mistborn is still a good read I’d recommend to Fantasy fans, even though I’m personally not planning on reading the newer entries at this point.

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