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This Collection Includes: The Shave and Wax Party in the Sacristy and Sister Mary Immaculate’s Heart Tattoo by Joan Russell Shave And Wax Party In The Sacristy Nunphomania, Mother Superior Thinks Outside The Box, Mother Superior Does The Vatican by Joan Russell 15,059 words.

When Mother Superior discovered that Father Ignatius had a little problem with the girls in the choir, a problem the Boston Archdiocese failed to warn her about; Sister Mary decided to solve the problem by providing alternative choices for the good Father. Mother Superior’s most recent problem, Father Marcus, was fixated on Sister Teresa Gabriel. The problem was that Sister Teresa wasn’t interested in him. Mother Superior, together with Sister Mary Immaculate had to find a way to get her interested in helping him. When Mother Superior decides to introduce the rest of the convent to the new “community service,” the convent has adopted she does it as a Surprise Orgy. Father Marcus had fantasized about the virginal Sister Theresa Gabriel for months. Now that she had agreed to receive his advances he covered the halls to her virginal cell his head filled with fantasies of taking her protesting body. What he found was far from his fantasies as the true Sister Theresa Gabriel, her passions unlocked, met his demands and made her own.

For the first time Mother Superior is confronted by a problem her nuns cannot solve with their peculiar brand of community Service. Father Christopher is not interested in nuns. Mother superior must solicit the help of Fathers Gordon, Marcus and Ignatius to satisfy his needs.

Mother Superior, Sister Mary Immaculate and Father Gordon have been invited to the Vatican to explain their peculiar brand of community service to Father Giacomo. Rather than tell him about it they decide to show him.

Fiction & Literature
December 18
Joan Russell
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