The One Month Boyfriend

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Publisher Description

It’s a simple agreement: for one month, Silas is my boyfriend of convenience.

Once this is over, we’ll go our separate ways. It’s fake, after all.

I need some arm candy to prove to my ex-fiancé that I’ve moved on.

He needs his old-fashioned boss to think he’s ready to settle down.

Perfect, right? Except for one minor detail: we can’t stand each other.

Silas thinks I’m a stuck-up ice queen. I think he’s a cocky, obnoxious jerk who’s always trying to charm his way out of trouble – and succeeding.

He’s the beloved golden boy. I’m the awkward new girl in town.

It would be the worst idea ever, except… everyone falls for it.

That’s the thing about pretending to date someone: it looks just like real dating.

And the other thing about pretending to date someone? It feels like real dating.

The heated kisses in my office: fake.

The possessive way he touches me: fake.

The night we spend together in a hotel bed: …maybe not so fake.

One month. Then this charade is over.

May 24
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Customer Reviews

Pic Mania ,

Silas Flynn is here baby

Silas is Finally here!!! Eeeeek!!! We meet him in The Loveless brothers serie. He’s Levi’s bestfriend and June’s brother. I’ve waiting for his story for so long and I’m not disappointed. I love this story. It’s different yeah, but a really good different. I enjoy their personalities and their uniqueness. Kat and Silas are definitely for each other. Both of them struggling with almost the same thing and is so good see them together helping each other and wanting for a life together. This book is so funny, romantic, steamy and so good! Silas is so romantic and swooning ❤️

love2read1126 ,

Silas and Kat

I have been waiting a long time for Silas to get his story and I am so so glad Roxie did. She did not disappoint. Silas and Kat get along as well as cats and dogs, which goes to say not very well. Silas always seems like the golden boy to Kat. He can do no wrong with the people in Sprucevale. He just turns on that smile and gets away with anything. However, not is all as it seems. There are demons that haunt Silas. Roxie did a great job showing what Silas went through and how it has affected him. Kat is a very big introvert and has anxiety attacks and is socially awkward. Kat has held a grudge against Silas for ten years, that stems from when they were in college. This is truly an enemies to lovers and that is one of my favorite sub genres. Every time they see each other they butt heads, but when they each need help, they end up helping each other. It’ll be a win-win for both when they pretend to be together. There are some funny parts and there are some emotional heart pulling parts. They seem like they would not be good together, but the more time they spend together, the more you can see they do belong together. They are total opposites, but in some ways they are the same. This was such a good read and I so enjoyed it.

Stacy H-W ,


I’ve been waiting so long for Silas’ book and finally it has arrived. I am extremely happy to report that it was worth the wait. It was freaking fantastic!! It’s full of humor, deep emotions and spicy goodness. If you like a good enemies to lovers trope this is definitely the book for you. Silas and Kat are each the perfect person for the other and probably never would have gotten together if not for all the twists and turns of this book. Brilliant job Roxie!

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