The Pirate

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A hard wind. Salt on his tongue. The endless night. Those are the things Poseidon wants to find as he climbs to the deck. He doesn't expect to see a dehydrated young woman clinging to a red-and-white buoy.

He rescues her, but he's no savior. She's an heiress. Valuable if he holds her for ransom. And why wouldn't he? He's hunted treasure all his life.

Except once he's had a taste of her, he's not sure he can give her up.

A modern-day pirate with a dark past.

A fierce young woman with secrets of her own.

And the adventure of a lifetime.

The Pirate is the complete Devil trilogy in one volume.

"The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is the epic and larger than life romance that is just too impossible to praise with words. Action. Drama. Romance. Suspense. Angst. Steam. All came together impossibly well with Amelia Wilde's brilliant writing." - PP's Bookshelf

"Amelia Wilde has done it again With The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, delivering another amazing read full of dark, mysterious and flawed but beautiful characters." - Tina, Goodreads reviewer

"Modern day pirate?? Count me in! This was quick, delicious and captivating!!! There is action,danger, sizzling romance and an antihero that will steal your heart!" - Lina the Book Addict

April 19
Amelia Wilde
A. Wilde, LLC

Customer Reviews

love2read1126 ,

The hottest pirate and his love

This trilogy is so dang fantastic. I love Hades, but dang Poseidon gives him a run for his money practically knocked him out. 🤣I am completely drained. I love these two and the connection they have. It is stronger anything imaginable and no one can take them apart. Ashley is his home and is the one who can keep him steady. Amelia weaved a story so gripping and exciting. She has made me want to yell at Poseidon while simultaneously wanting to jump him. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: I have been wanting Poseidon since meeting him in Hades’ trilogy and Amelia exceeded my expectations with him. Poseidon and Hades have always been my favorites of the Greek Gods and it’s no different with these books. Poseidon is all alpha an an a** to boot. Ashley is a rich girl, but she is sweet and also tenacious. When Poseidon “rescues” her, she feels safe until she finds out his true intentions. Poseidon claims to have only one true love, the sea, but Ashley is weaving her way to his heart. Will he end up pushing her too far and lose her before he realizes the gem he has found in her? Amelia has once again hooked me with her third God. Another great start to another trilogy. I am so ready for A Deal With the Devil. Bring it on!! A Deal With the Devil: I absolutely love Poseidon. I was so mad at what he did to Ashley in the first book. I wanted to beat him, but he has started to redeem himself. This series is so dang good and gets better with each book. There is action, deception, choices, twists that tore me apart and some hot as heck scenes. Amelia keeps outdoing herself with each book she writes. She has ensnared me with these Gods. In this book Ashley grew as a person. She was the spoiled little rich girl. Poseidon also grew, he started opening up to Ashley. His walls started to crumble and he realized he would do anything and everything to keep Ashley, even giving her back to her father. The ending totally stopped my heart. That is all I’m going to say on that. There are some flashbacks that show more of what Poseidon was dealt from Cronos. My heart just broke all over again seeing what they all dealt with, except Demeter, the lying, heartless b****. It was great seeing how Hades and Zeus are doing. I cannot wait to read Poseidon and Ashely’s final part of their story. I need to know what happens between them. Devil May Care: Oh My Gods and Goddesses! Amelia knocked the finale of Poseidon and Ashley’s story out of the deserves more than five stars. She has had me hooked on these Gods since Hades. This last book in this trilogy took me all over with my emotions. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to throw my kindle across the room and curse at it. I have a big book hangover. The things you find out in this book will tear at your heart. Ashley has grown so much in this last book and she is standing next to Poseidon no matter what. My heart thumped so loud during this book. Do not, I repeat do not miss out on Poseidon and Ashley’s story. The extras were perfection and I loved meeting Hercules. #bookhangoveralert

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