The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

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In her most provocative book yet, America's top radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, urgently reminds women that to take proper care of their husbands is to ensure themselves the happiness and satisfaction they deserve in marriage.

Women want to be in love, get married and live happily ever after, yet countless women call Dr. Laura, unhappy in their marriages and seemingly at a loss to understand the incredible power they have over their men to create the kind of home life they yearn for. In the Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Dr. Laura provides real-life examples and real-life solutions on how to wield that power to attain all the sexual pleasure, intimacy, love, joy, and peace desired in life.

Dr. Laura's simple principles have changed the lives of millions. Now they can change yours.

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March 17
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Customer Reviews

mbmick ,

Awesome book every man wife and woman should read

Never have I ever read a book that so well explains The behaviors of a man and what he thinks. Laura does an excellent job explaining to women what men feel is important and how they function. I have for years explained many of these feelings concepts to my wife who could not understand what I meant but after she read this book she now believes we are unchangeable in the way we are. And she truly loves me. I am a hard-working motivated loving husband with 10 children I would have no other partner than my wife and I would die for her thank you Laura.

HBSurfCityCA ,

Love it

I have a few friends that really NEED to read this book.. Sadly they won't. This isn't a book about being a slave to your man (which is exactly what most of my friends -- who won't read it -- think. It's about being the woman in the relationship and letting your man be the man. It's about making YOUR situation better. I didn't need this book when I bought it, I wasn't even married.. I've read this about 10 times over the years and it's never been more important than it is now that I have a child. If my we aren't happy with each other, our daughter won't have a good life. I know (because of this book) that I control the mood, tone, and happiness of my house..

Sheepie12 ,

Great book for all marriages

I highly recommend this book to all my friends - even the ones with "good" marriages, because it truly helps you understand where your husband is coming from. It gave me insight that helped me improve my relationship with my spouse. While I don't agree with everything she says, and at some points the book is a little redundant (anti-feminist rants! But she definitely has a point) she hits the nail on the head about so many things you can do to improve your marriage. Plus, it's a really fun easy read full of stories and letters from real couples. She teaches you that you can have a happy satisfying marriage - living happily ever after can be a reality if you put some work in to it. This book has the potential to save marriages if you have an open enough mind to accept the information in it. Be open and you will really get a lot out of it. .

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