The Renegade

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He’s a younger man. An ex-Marine with a traumatic past. And he wants only one thing.


The last thing Jo Rossi expects when she goes to Remington for a make-or-break audition is to end up meeting an ex-Marine who’s more than half a decade younger than her and hotter than a freaking supernova.

And wait. Is he flirting with her?

The one and only time Jo has ever acted on impulse, she ended up with a surprise baby and a career she had to put on hold for six years. She needs to play it safe. Smart. And she definitely needs to not have a wild, impulsive, no-strings-attached fling so far from home.

Except Sawyer Knox is definitely flirting with her. And the more she gets to know him, the harder it is to resist…

Sawyer learned the hard way how short life can be. So when he sees Jo at the end of his bar, with her sassy smile and her mile-long legs, hell yes he flirts with her. He just didn’t mean to have a scorching-hot fling with her. Or to spend so much time with her after that.

He definitely didn’t mean to fall for her so fast or so hard.

Sawyer wants her. He wants it all. But Jo has to decide—can she risk her heart and go from fling to forever?

The Renegade is a standalone older woman/younger man whirlwind romance. It features an ex-military hero and a single mom heroine, side characters from the Station Seventeen and Intelligence Unit series, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and all hard-fought happily ever after.

April 7
Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Kimberly Kincaid Romance LLC

Customer Reviews

Pad123gamer ,

The Renegade

I think I liked this book as one of the best of the series. No one got killed and it was different. I love this series and look forward to reading more from Kimberly Kincaid. She always delivers.

BBQ griller ,

Incredible Age Gap Love Story for Jo and Sawyer

I absolutely loved The Renegade by Kimberly Kincaid. I loved every moment on every page of The Renegade and it was impossible to put it down. The Renegade is a bonus short story for in The Intelligence Unit. I really enjoy how the book is told from the perspective of the main characters. I love getting the insight and feelings from the different characters. I also enjoy that Kimberly has included characters from her other series in the new Intelligence Unit series. I love catching up with the other characters that I have grown attached to. It is like a family reunion. Once again Kimberly Kincaid has shown that she is an incredible storyteller who delivers sizzling romances. I love how Kimberly Kincaid always manages to create the "perfect" heroine, who is a strong, sassy woman on her own, to balance out the sexy, swoon worthy man. My favorite part is how Kimberly Kincaid incorporates the picture on the cover into the love story. The Renegade is the heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of Sawyer Knox, one of the bar managers at the Crooked Angel and Josephine “Jo” Rossi, middle school drama teacher, aspiring actress, and single mother to six-year-old, Mikayla. Jo is in town to audition for a series that will be filming in Remington, she has left Mikayla in Savannah with her daughter’s father, Derek. Jo is spending time in Remington to prepare for the audition, that will take place in two weeks. On her first night in Remington, Jo meets up with her sister, Frankie, and the other Intelligence Unit agents at the Crooked Angel. An emergency has all of them quickly leaving the bar, and Jo behind. Isabella leaves Sawyer in charge of her infant son, Elijah until her husband, Kellan can pick him up. I love how Jo helps Sawyer calm the crying baby. Sawyer is immediately attracted to Jo and recommends that she stay for dinner at Crooked Angel after everyone leaves. Sawyer then invites Jo on a date later that week. As Sawyer and Jo spend more time with each other, with Sawyer helping Jo overcome her fears, their relationship quickly changes. Both Jo and Sawyer share secrets with each other that they have never told anyone before. I love how supportive Sawyer is towards Jo when she feels she bombed her audition. I love how she did not let the age difference between her, and Sawyer interfere with their relationship. My favorite part is the epilogue and how it wonderfully wraps up Jo and Sawyer's love story. The Renegade is filled with the sizzling romance, poignant and bittersweet moments as well as the plot twists, that I have come to love and expect in Kimberly Kincaid's stories. I love the cast of characters in The Renegade, and I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series. It was a wonderful story and I highly recommend it.

Jen G F ,

The Renegade

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The Renegade is book 5 in the Intelligence Unit series by Kimberly Kincaid, re-released with updated scenes and more…

Jo Rossi comes to town to audition for a show she lost out on years ago and meets Sawyer Knox, ex military, bartender, younger man who feels a connection with Jo when they meet..maybe a short fling…only time will tell.

Take risks, family, single mother, twists, turns, PTSD, doubts, fears…

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