The Rule Maker The Rule Maker
Book 2 - Rule Breakers

The Rule Maker

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Publisher Description

Things I'd love to say to Ryder Covington...

I hate you more than a hole in my favorite pair of leggings.

Your smirk makes me want to yell in all shouty caps.

You're really gorgeous...until you open your mouth.

Stop looking at me like that. You're not ripping my panties off.

Saying those things to him would be the whipped cream on top of my rocky road ice cream, but I can't, because he's my client. And I'm up for a promotion. Oh, and the little fact that my boss told me to give Mr. Covington everything he wants.

But the only thing he wants is me. And he can't have that.

Each book in the Rule Breakers series is STANDALONE:

* The Rule Book
* The Rule Maker

January 16
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kaesylee ,

Yep! Let’s broke some rules...

Good story, funny characters and chemistry of the charts.

Picky Priscilla ,

Epic Entertainment

Loved the characters and story! Snow boarder meets interior designer and the sparks and jokes fly! Wonderful character development!I laughed, I cried... I want more!

GmaLeena ,


Zoey loved her job as an interior designer, and the firm she works for is ecstatic about having another job from the prestigious Covington Family. Zoey has already designed one building for Jason and is excited to work with/for him again. Only she's in for a complete shock when his brother Ryder is the one waiting in her office instead of Jason. How in the world I'd she going to pull off working with him on this project when they've slept together which is one of the company's cardinal rules "Don't sleep with client".... But he want a client then, so as long as it's not repeated it'll be ok. Although she'd the throat punch him than work with him since he left like a jerk in the middle of the night. It doesn't matter that it was just a one-night stand, it was the best night and now she can't stop thinking about him. How is she going to work with him, maybe she should just hand of this project to another designer.

Ryder was torn on his feelings for Zoey. He hated leaving in the middle of the night during what was supposed to be their one-night stand, but he didn't have a choice. Should he have called her, yeah probably but he'd never been in that type of situation before. Now his brother Jason has asked him to step in and work with Zoey on this project since he's home recovering with a broken leg from a snowboarding accident. How can he work worth her on this when 1-he can't so thinking about her and 2-he's not on board with this project. He thinks the place should be torn down, and add much add it positions him to admit he she's with his grandparents that the place should just be sold.

How do Zoey and Ryder decide to make working together on this protest work? You'll have to read THE RULE MAKER to find out. Oh but this romantic comedy was great! You'll be chuckling if not laughing out loud throughout their banter. Their banter is hilarious, from page one I refused to put this book down! The sexual tensions are OFF THE CHARTS from the get go between Ryder and Zoey. Another spectaculiar hit from Jennifer Blackwood. I haven't read the Rule Book (Rule breakers#1) yet, but I'll definitely have to go read what I missed out on. These are stand alone stories with characters that blend together. Due to sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 17 and older! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book via IndieSagePR/Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Favorite Passages~

~ “With the way my pulse races when I see you, I can safely say it’s accounted for.”

~ there was only one passenger on this traIn: me.

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