The Scot is Hers

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Highland war heroes rebuilding their lives grapple with ladies forging their own paths—who will win?

Regency Scotland comes alive in the vibrant and sexy new SCOTS OF HONOR series by USA Today bestselling author Eliza Knight. Scottish military heroes, who want nothing more than to lay low after the ravages of war in 19th century France, find their Highland homecomings vastly contradict their simple desires. Especially when they meet the feisty lasses who are tenacious enough to take them on, and show them just what they’ve been missing out of life. In battle they can’t be beaten, but in love, they all find the ultimate surrender.

When General Alec Hay, the Earl of Errol returns from war, his mother is determined to see him wed. Once known for his dark good looks, Alec now bears a scar over half his face that makes every potential bride cringe. He wants only to escape into the darkest room in his ruined castle and relive the harrowing moments in battle when he couldn’t save his friend. Ignoring his demands to be left alone, his mother throws a rousing house party at her Edinburgh estate. Unable to take another setup for flirtation, he rides his horse out onto their property and becomes stuck in some ruins during a torrential downpour. 

Lady Giselle Hepburn, an impulsive lass, rides out from a neighboring estate in the same storm, attempting to escape her family and a forced marriage to a man with a vicious dark side. She falls off her horse and nearly tumbles over a cliff but is saved by a handsome, mysterious Highlander. With a twisted ankle, and the weather too dangerous to attempt riding, Giselle agrees to wait out the storm with the stranger.

To Alec’s shock, Giselle is the first woman who doesn’t shy away from his scar and treats him like a man rather than a hideous barbarian. As the storm rages through the night, they each confess their meddling family’s determination to see them wed——and he learns her intended is his greatest enemy. Alec insists that she accompany him back to his house to convalesce, where he presents her with a solution to both of their problems: —what if they wed each other in secret? Could a marriage of convenience free them both from their unwanted troubles, or will love be an incredibly inconvenient development?

July 27
Knight Media, LLC
Eliza Knight

Customer Reviews

miaburke54 ,

Beautifully Written

Eliza Knight’s “The Scot is Hers” book 2 of the Scots of Honor Series is a lovely addition to the series!

General Alec Hay, the Earl of Errol has returned from war wanting nothing but to be left alone. His meddling mother is determined to see him married and decides to throw a house party at her Edinburgh estate. His once handsome face now bears a huge scar that makes the prospects cringe in horror, so Alec, with no desire to participate in his mother’s annoying efforts rides his horse out onto their property and becomes stuck in some ruins during a torrential downpour.

Lady Giselle Hepburn, in an attempt to escape her family and a forced marriage to an evil man rides out into the storm. Falling off her horse and nearly tumbling over a cliff she is saved by a handsome, mysterious Highlander. Giselle agrees to wait out the storm with the stranger having twisted her ankle, and the weather too dangerous for riding. Throughout the night these two souls get to know one another and confess what drove them out into the storm. Alec convinces her to come back to his home to convalesce and there he proposes a solution to her to solve both their problems.

Alec is a man haunted by the devastation of war with scars both visible and hidden. He’s a brave, noble gentleman, a kind and good man in spite of the fact that he’s brooding, distrustful and scarred. Giselle Is a young woman with spirit, courage, compassion and a delightful sarcastic sense of humor. She brings light into his life and sees him as he truly is. She sees the man not his scar.

I loved this book, it’s characters were just wonderfully written, and well developed. I love the author’s sense of romance and her innate ability to bring her characters to life. She pens well-rounded, believable, and very alive characters in this story. Her rich, visual and sensory prose crafts with immense skill a story that both captivates you while holding you spellbound. The witty banter, the love language and the author’s descriptions are just fabulous! This is a story filled with emotion, angst, passions and sensuality, beautifully written and wonderfully told.

Thank you so much Ms. Knight for this excellent story. I look forward to reading the next book story in this lovely series.

Kebello ,

Poor writing

Good storyline but ridiculous writing often using 21st century phrases in a 19th century setting Ruined it

CelticBarb ,

Eliza pens another winner!

Book: The Scot is Hers
By Eliza Knight

Series: Scots of Honor, Book Two

Release Date: July 27, 2021

Publisher: Knight Media

Overall Book Review Rating: 5 Stars

Blog Review Rating: 5 Saltire Flags

1814, Edinburgh

Giselle Hepburn and Alec Hay, Earl of Erroll, General in the Royal Regiment of Scotland first meet in Edinburgh. It was at a ball the Dowager Countess of Errol was holding to find a wife for her battle injured son after he came home from the Peninsular War. Except that her son Alec Hay, Earl of Erroll had been horribly scarred on the left side of his face from the corner of his eye to his chin. He knew all the vain debutants were horrified by his facial wounds, yet their mothers only saw his title, property and wealth. It was absolutely disgusting so he went to the gardens to get some relief. Except he didn’t realize there was also someone also hiding in his garden and demanded they to show themselves to him! Alec was shocked it was a lass who would not give her name!

Giselle Hepburn did not understand why those brainless, empty headed, debutants, thought Alec Hay, Earl of Erroll, was a monster when he was so very handsome and brave. She felt those wounds were more like badges of courage and honor, and it shows the awful conditions and abuse this incredibly brave soldier had to deal with. He was shocked it was a lass but didn’t realize it was her first season and if caught together it would be considered scandalous and they would be forced to marry! He allowed himself and Giselle go their separate ways even though she was the only young Lass close to his age that didn’t seen horrified by his physical looks!

Three Years later- 1817, Aberdeenshire

Now Giselle is being forced to marry by her parents demands, the Earl and Countess of Bothwell. As she was being forced to marry Sir Joshua Keith, a mean, hateful, and horrible man, who was handsome on the outside but on the inside he was a monster and only cared about himself! It was obvious he only wanted Giselle’s dowry and her parents felt he would lift them in better society circles. So Giselle was actually being sold to the highest bidder which she found disgusting. Now she was at his home in Aberdeenshire at Boddam Castle. Keith had already attempted to ravish her with no success so she had to get out! So she climbed on a horse and escaped that was almost the death of her, as the weather turned sour and she almost had a tragic accident but was saved by Alec Hay, the Earl of Errol.

Alec too also needed an escape, as his mother just showed up unannounced but with her old agenda finding him a wife! Except he brought both his best male friends, their wives and and single, titled women needing a husband. Now he discovers Giselle’s name and she was to marry the black guard who biggest enemy most of his life but also in battle, Sir Joshua Keith! So they come up with the idea to secret have a marriage of convenience, except that feelings and attraction get in the way. On top of that they know if her parents and Keith who needs her dowry find out about their agenda someone is going to pay!

Will Giselle be forced to marry Joshua Keith with his empty coffers? Can a woman possibly fall in love with a man with a scarred face and an honorable heart? A man she barely notices his physical imperfections as she see’s him as the best man she has ever known. On top of that, 'there is a viper who wants Alec for all the wrong reasons like wealth, land and title. Will this couple find their happily every after or will they be forced to marry people they will always detest. Read and find out!

This is the second book and that this is loosely based on a real person from history as William Hay was the 1st Earl of Erroll in 1423 and lived in Old Slains Castle in Aberdeenshire. I love when true history is weaved with a fictional romance. This was absolutely brilliant and I loved the connection between Alec and Giselle, Giselle had a big heart and a lot of empathy for Alec. Saw his scars more as medals of honor and added to his attractions as a brave and honorable soldier. In addition, being best friends with Lorne and Jamie was a big win for me too. That was the hero and heroine for the first book in this series, Return of the Scot. Another book I also highly recommend. As both books are fabulous but you can read either book as a stand alone book too. A book you definitely don’t want to miss. Eliza Knight is a phenomenal author I have been reading for of over eleven years! She also was my first digital book I ever read in her fabulous in her Stolen Book Series another I also recommend!

Scots of Honor by Eliza Knight
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Book Two: The Scot is Hers
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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy from the author. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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