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Book 5 - Gentlemen Rogues

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Okay look, we all deserve one great nemesis in this world, maybe two. Hell, my sister stays in my top spot. But is it too much to ask that my best friend’s big brother, NOT be one of them?


Bonus points, he’s also my boss.


The Rogues Division is a top-secret, highly-classified, “I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you” kind of organization. The kind of organization the government pretends not to love having at its disposal. And Gabe Webb sits at the top of this badassery mountain.


I’ve finally gotten control-freak, too serious Gabe to respect me after six long years of his scowling and brooding at me with the occasional growl thrown in. 


But when I get assigned a deep cover operation as a billionaire asset’s pretend girlfriend, suddenly Gabe doesn’t trust me to manage the assignment on my own and goes so far as to assign himself as my handler.


That’s right. Every breath I take, every move I make, he’ll be watching and judging, and…coaching me on how to seduce and work an asset.


That’s right…I said SEDUCE! I should probably mention that past me, who wasn’t too bright, might have had a thing for Gabe. Not that he ever noticed.


Can I suffer Gabe’s seduction lessons, work the asset for intel and oh, keep my sister out of trouble? Absolutely. No problem. Can I do it without murdering above stated nemesis? That remains to be seen.

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May 23
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Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,


So far this series has kept me on my toes. I will admit I missed book 3 (The Rook) and need to really read that one but it in no way hinders your ability to enjoy this book. Each one is a standalone. I will admit I was a little surprised at how strong Gabe feels towards Tabatha. I didn’t think he had much emotion besides frustration, control freak and deep rooted anger. So it was a nice change of pace to see a softer side of him. Yes he still had those other emotions but he also showed tenderness and vulnerability.

Tabs is playing with fire. She has family issues, she’s impetuous and she wants to show Gabe what he’s missing (aka a bit of a flirt). Oh and she’s lethal. These two are explosive together in more ways than one. Let’s just hope they are both standing by the end of the book.

Waiting to be fixed ,

It’s a whirlwind of a ride!

4.8 stars

This is the fourth book in the Gentlemen Rogues series and it will keep you glued to your seat until finished. Gabe is the head of the Rogues Division and he is one grumpy, strong protector of his team and those he cares for. Tabatha is a strong woman on Gabe’s team who has the unfortunate pleasure of working directly under Gabe while trying to stem her feelings for him. The chemistry between the two if off the charts which leads to some intense sparring verbally and tension. As Tabatha earns her right to participate in a deep cover op and prove her mettle, Gabe is doing what he does to keep her safe but making things more difficult. Ms. Malone is a dynamo when it comes to penning these storylines filled with suspense and twists and turns that will leave any reader salivating for more. I cannot wait for more!

broken_heart ,

The Spy who knows everything, but nothing about love!

Good things come to those who are able to wait patiently. From the first Rouge novel, I have been intrigued by one Mr. Gabriel Webb. Gabe is the ridiculously handsome head of the Rouges Division. He is the man who protects everyone from the evils in the world… So much so that the only person who has ever been close enough to know if he has a heart is his sister Saffron. There is probably only one person in the world who wants to know the answer to that is Saffron’s best friend Tabatha Smith. Just like Gabe, Tabatha is full of surprises and secrets as well. With so many secrets and dangers between the two of them, will Tabatha and Gabe survive long enough to see if there is anything beyond an over protective brother and his desire to protect his sister’s best friend? As with the other books in the Rouge Universe, this is a standalone book. How, just like real life, it is better when you have friends. So it definitely helps to have read the whole series. Tabatha and Gabe are amazing! It is also always a pleasure when Ms. Malone sprinkles characters from her other universes in her stories. It makes it all feel more robust and adds a depth not usually seen in the world of romance novels. I can’t wait to see what is next to come with The Villain!

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