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This volume is actually the final chapter from a much larger endeavour which I have been working on for the last few years: the Unauthorised Bible, A Universal Scripture, which is an attempt to illustrate that most of the scriptures from the major world religions, in their original form, are all saying basically the same thing. It has also been constructed in order to hopefully demonstrate that the teachings of the orthodox established religions bear little relationship to the original teachings of their notional founders.

This concluding section stands on its own as my attempt to reconcile the traditional, or at least notional, conflict between religious establishments, the domain of faith, and scientific knowledge, the domain of the rational. It covers most of the great questions that have taxed humanity since whenever we became sentient, and is, therefore, not only a conclusion to the larger work, but also a justification.

Whether I have succeeded in such an impudent, and probably imprudent, undertaking is for others to determine, but I am presumptuous enough to think that I have found the solution to the questions that have been bothering me for forty odd years, and if my answers are of any assistance to others then my labours will have served a better purpose than just a personal quest.

This book does contain a political bias, as do all works of this kind, whether acknowledged or not, and mine are based around a love of freedom, without which moral responsibility is meaningless, and a belief that men and women are in terms of the spirit absolute and complete equals. Anyone who is wedded religiously to tradition, from whatever background they come from, reads on at their peril: they are likely to be thoroughly offended: but they have been warned.

Religion & Spirituality
June 18
J F Evans
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