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On his way to his country estate, beautiful Miss Damara Onslow steps into Lord Worsley’s carriage to speak to him about a matter. Little does he know that “the matter” is to offer him money in exchange for them getting married. Since Lord Worsley’s sister had manipulated him into an engagement he did not want, he welcomes Damara’s offer with open arms.

The two wed and spend a winter together. Never had anyone been happier. That is until his sister pries into Damara’s past and threatens their fairytale marriage.

October 29
Ruth Ann Nordin
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

PSemones ,

Sweet Romance

I loved the story, I believe in love at first sight. I would have given it five stars but several grammatical errors.

geekswife08 ,

Nice, but...

The main characters’ relationship was sweet and charming, but as far the rest goes, it’s just nice. The leading male’s one stroke of rebellion works out in a way that could only be described as fate... would would be nice if he had any sort of backbone at all. By the time he stands up to his sister, it’s just too little too late. And while no spoilers, the lengths he just naturally went to to convince her are ridiculous. I hate to use the word “unbelievable” but how the two characters meet is just a little ridiculous. There had to be a more reasonable way to set up their unlikely marriage. And while having a narcissistic mother has to be beyond imaginable in the damage it causes, it felt inconsistent that the main character would be so sure of herself, and yet NEVER want to speak of her history. It makes a legitimate thing seem rather anticlimactic. To top it off, the book seemed a little out of touch with the times. There were ZERO repercussions for the breaking of his first engagement, the language feels a bit modern, and other little things like them being allowed to be in the country without a line of correspondence to or from London to handle business and other matters. Like his high maintenance sister. It’s a bit scathing of a review... but I still have it three stars, because I feel like this work could really go somewhere with a little brushing up. The bones are good, as is the editing and layout. That alone sets it above a lot of books out there. I imagine the author has probably improved in time, and has other books that really stand out.

Yaya8603 ,

When it’s right, it’s right

A good story with really well developed characters. Not everything is as predictable as you would think in a story in this genre. I still enjoy reading the predictable ones, but it was nice to be surprised with a character’s actions now and then. As much as I did enjoy the unconditional love between the main characters, I am excited to read the third book in this series, as it will be the sister’s story, and I can tell there is more to her than there would appear at first.

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