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Justice. Atonement. Second chances.

Meet the men and women of the WAR series. They came to West Africa seeking justice, atonement, and second chances. None of them planned to stay. But when the maelstrom of the local rebellion sucks them into a fight for their lives, they’re forced to decide how far they’re willing to go in order to survive, to protect the innocent…and to find love.

The titles included in this box set are:


A weapon of mass destruction goes missing in the West African jungle, forcing a rogue black ops agent and a former ballerina into an uneasy partnership as they race to prevent the weapon from falling into the wrong hands.

Rogue black ops agent Max Lansing is determined to bring international arms dealer Heinrich Dietrich to justice for the attack that critically injured his younger brother. Max didn’t plan on rescuing former ballerina Emily Iwasaki from a rebel attack. Now he and Emily must find a missing weapon of mass destruction before Dietrich does, or thousands will die.


A doctor accused of weapons smuggling must convince a distrustful soldier of her innocence before the real smugglers use the weapons in a catastrophic attack.

WAR team leader Lachlan MacKay has tracked smuggled weapons to an American doctor at a West African clinic. But his deep hatred for doctors threatens to blind him to evidence that suggests all might not be as it seems.

Trauma surgeon Dr. Helen Kirk is desperate to return to the work she loves. But instead of finalizing the repairs to her reputation, she and Lachlan become caught up in a deadly plot intended to destroy West Africa. As those around them die, they must learn to put aside their distrust in order to stop the plot before the death toll rises.


Accused of stealing diamonds from a vicious group of rebels, a former jewel thief is forced to trust her survival to a pilot with questionable connections.

After years of being forced to fly for the worst criminal elements in Africa, pilot Seth Jarrod is desperate to be free of his blackmailer. Yet any opposition will result in the death of his niece.

Indie musician and former jewel thief Kirra Neilson is on the run from rebels who believe she stole their diamonds. Only this time, Kirra is innocent.

When Kirra stumbles into Seth’s life with the rebels hot on her heels, he reluctantly steps in to protect her. But the diamonds are at the center of a region-wide power struggle and the rebels will go to any lengths to retrieve them, including working with a deadly enemy from Seth’s past. As the body count grows, Kirra and Seth must combine their skills and find the diamonds or more innocent people will die.

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About the Author:

Vanessa Kier spends way too much time thinking up ways she can torture her characters. A worst-case scenario thinker, she's been creating stories in her head since childhood. Now she channels her persistently dark what-if questions into writing romantic thrillers that combine intense emotion with action-packed plots. The author of The Surgical Strike Unit series about a privately run special operations group, she has set her new series WAR in West Africa, where she lived for a time.

When she’s not writing, listening to music, or playing puzzle games on her mobile device, Vanessa helps writers learn Scrivener and takes long hikes in the nearby hills.

For more about Vanessa and to sign up for the KierDevils newsletter and receive access to exclusive content, please visit her website www.vanessakier.com. She loves to hear from readers.

December 6
Vanessa Kier
Vanessa Kier

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