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Winner of the Pendleton May First Novel Award and a Betty Trask Award, The World Unseen is a captivating human drama and love story.

In 1950’s South Africa, apartheid is just beginning. Free-spirited Amina has broken all the rules of her own conventional Indian community, and the new apartheid-led government, by running a café with Jacob her “coloured” business partner. When she meets Miriam, a young traditional wife and mother, their unexpected attraction pushes Miriam to question the rules that bind her. When Amina helps Miriam’s sister-in-law to hide from the police, a chain of events is set in motion that changes both women forever.

From overcoming oppression to finding personal freedom, from the hardships of a loveless marriage to the hesitant joy of an unexpected love affair, The World Unseen transports us to a vibrant, colourful world that is universal in its themes.

Fiction & Literature
June 23
Shamim Sarif
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Sammii(: ,


This book was beautifully written! It makes you think about your life, and teaches you to stand up for yourself, and the love in these book is so passionate! I'd give it ten stars but, iTunes only let's you give five...

Joc87 ,

Just ....Beautiful

I have to say that the film is outstanding itself , and one of my favorites but the book is just...beautiful . Because, it is well written with a lot of background and thinking and it makes you feel the characters . You , somehow feel their emotions and are dying in eagerness to know what's next. Even, if I already saw the film , as I was reading the book it took me to a new level. I'am here now writting this review, at 5:00 am while I have been reading since 11. And, I have to say that I love this book & that it is my favorite .

Islander2311 ,

Great story

I saw the film adaption first, which has become one of my favorite movies. The film is extremely faithful to the book with just a bit more backstory. So I didn't get much extra I thought may have been omitted, but it was still a great read.

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