Tiger Denied

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She shoved him away once, but this Tiger won't be denied….

Every year the Island Stripe Pride hosts a gathering for the other local Shifter groups at their mountain resort in upstate New York. Pride Enforcer Carter Marrow has been asked to organize the enormous event to ensure everything goes harmoniously.

When the catering company pulls out, he must find a replacement chef. But there's only one capable of pulling off that kind of job last minute. And she hates his guts. Antonia Casabella is the one woman in the entire world he swore he'd never speak to again. Is he willing to swallow his pride for the sake of the gathering?

Toni spent her youth wasting away the days with the local Tigers in the area. Living near the Island Stripe Mountain Resort, what else was there to do? Though rare in the supernatural world for prey to mix with predator, as the years rolled by Toni found herself wishing to be more than friends with one particular Tiger.

Denying her heart was difficult, but she'd had no choice for her father's sake. After he passed, Toni refused to find a mate among her Flock, finding an outlet for her grief in her work. When Carter suddenly appears looking to hire her for a special event at the resort, she is intrigued.

Can this Bunny hold her own against a group of less than friendly Big Cats?

September 20
C.D. Gorri
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

FireRescue ,

Simply superb, simply Gorri

Gorri has written yet another terrific book! Carter and Toni’s book was fantastic! It was filled with some unexpected twist and turns as well! I was actually shocked at the plot twist! Gorri got me good! The story was also sad because Verona was my mothers name and seeing it so much in the book makes me think of her. Gorri, in typical Gorri fashion has given us a book that’s filled with pretty good world building, great cameo appearances and subliminal messages that all should be thinking about. Messages about family, how we should all conduct ourselves and how color, gender, beliefs and whatnot shouldn’t matter. It’s how you treat people. This is how things should work… you shouldn’t force your views on others folks, you should want special treatment either. No one should be entitled to anything. We’re all equal. This is why I love Gorri books so much, besides the fact that she’s one of the most gifted authors in existence. I loved the fact that prey was mixing with predators. I loved that Toni was a cottontail and Mara and Bruno looked like it will also be a hit! This grumpy bear gave this book 5 shooting stars! 💫💫💫💫💫

I received this book from the publisher for my unbiased and honest review

okiscout ,

2nd chance at love

A very sweet, fun, energetic and lusty story about a tiger and a bunny! An odd couple but a very strong and determined one! Toni and Carter get a second chance at being together and there are a couple of issues but they make things work out. Great story, looking forward to more Island Stripe Pride stories!!
I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

komondor10 ,

Second Chance at Love!

There was never any doubt for bunny shifter Toni who her mate was. Tiger shifter Carter. When her father forced her into an arranged engagement, he forces her to cut Carter off with no explanation as to why. She does it to protect her little sister from her father. Fortunately her fiancé meets his fated mate before they are married and releases her from the arrangement. Twelve years later her bunny still won’t even look at another man!

Tiger shifter Carter is a member of the Island Stripes Pride in New York City. His Alpha sends him to be in charge of their annual Harvest Moon Celebration. He is proud his Alpha trusts him enough for this important job. All he has to do is avoid Verona Falls where his mate is. Should be easy, right?

The minute Carter steps foot into the lodge he knows things are not going well. The caterer quit 6 weeks before and the manager hasn’t done anything about replacing them, as well as many other problems. Carter fires her and takes over. His biggest problem is finding a caterer for such a huge event in one week. When someone suggests Anytime Eats Diner and Catering, with no other options available, he swallows his pride and goes to see if they will do it, expecting Toni’s father to still be running it. He is shocked when he asks to speak to the manager and Toni walks out! She refuses the job because she can’t be around him. She knows if he finds out why she dumped him he will never forgive her. When Carter sees Toni again he is doubly determined to get her to cater the event and win back her heart. And Carter is used to getting what he wants!.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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