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What if the underlying cause of your pain is a tight and unrecognized muscle in your hip that is just waiting for attention?

Do you have pain in your back, tailbone, pelvis, hip, knee, or foot that won’t go away, no matter what you try? All of these issues can persist because of tightness in the iliacus (sounds like “silly yak kiss”), a muscle in your hip that is part of what is commonly called the “hip flexor.”

Most people don’t even know they have an iliacus, let alone understand how it’s affecting their life, causing pain with sitting, exercise, sexual positions, and sleep. The truth is that almost everyone has tightness in this area and this tightness twists the core of the body. As a result of too much sitting, driving, running, biking, kicking, heavy lifting, yoga, dance, gymnastics, or stress, a tight hip could be the missing link to enjoying a pain-free life.

In Tight Hip, Twisted Core you will:

  - Discover how this muscle impacts your body from head to toe

  - Determine if you are one of the millions of people with a tight iliacus muscle and why

  - Release the tension in the muscle for good

  - Get your body aligned for pain-free performance

  - Prevent this muscle from getting tight ever again

Based on decades of physical therapy study and clinical practice, this book outlines 3 simple steps to get your hip healthy and your core aligned, helping you to resolve your pain without expensive treatments, surgeries, and medications.

“I am astounded by Christine’s ability to clearly articulate this mysterious concept in a way that anyone can understand it. This is a huge discovery in how the hip area works, and how one tight muscle affects the rest of the body. This book will significantly impact the way health care professionals treat the hip from now on.” - Zach

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August 5
Christine Koth
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