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Journalist Leander Kahney reveals how CEO Tim Cook has led Apple to astronomical success after the death of Steve Jobs in 2011.

The death of Steve Jobs left a gaping void at one of the most innovative companies of all time. Jobs wasn't merely Apple's iconic founder and CEO; he was the living embodiment of a global megabrand. It was hard to imagine that anyone could fill his shoes--especially not Tim Cook, the intensely private executive who many thought of as Apple's "operations drone."

But seven years later, as journalist Leander Kahney reveals in this definitive book, things at Apple couldn't be better. Its stock has nearly tripled, making it the world's first trillion dollar company. Under Cook's principled leadership, Apple is pushing hard into renewable energy, labor and environmentally-friendly supply chains, user privacy, and highly-recyclable products. From the massive growth of the iPhone to lesser-known victories like the Apple Watch, Cook is leading Apple to a new era of success.

Drawing on access with several Apple insiders, Kahney tells the inspiring story of how one man attempted to replace someone irreplaceable, and--through strong, humane leadership, supply chain savvy, and a commitment to his values--succeeded more than anyone had thought possible.

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April 16
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Customer Reviews

Terrance B ,

Tim a2

Nice to read about his life and some of his challenges. As somebody who appreciates Steve and his contributions, this book really gave me more insight into Tim Cook. Further solidified what makes Tim “Tim” alongside adding to my reasoning of why he’s my favorite CEO of all time.

Akkimeet ,

Only Apple products mostly.

I wanted to give 21/2 star because only first five chapters tells about Tim Cook that too some pieces missing I feel. Rest chapters are all about Apple products, launch date and sales. It almost like reading some blog.

Very disappointing!!

disappointedadmirer ,

Tim Cook

This is the worst so called biography I have ever read. Not only is it boring, but it tells us nothing about Cook that a casual reading of the daily news hasn’t already told you. It’s a re hash of Apples products, and how marvelous and earth shattering the are. Not worth buying.

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