To Save a Highland Sinner To Save a Highland Sinner
#3 - Wicked Highland Misfits

To Save a Highland Sinner

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Publisher Description

A Wicked Highland Misfits novel

Book Three: To Save a Highland Sinner

Abandoned as a child, Kate Mitchell learned young that to stay ahead of heartache, she must pretend to be someone other than herself. She survives by deceiving others. Due to one of her schemes, her adopted family is on the verge of losing their home. To make amends, she plans the ultimate deception. Assuming a different name, she attends a house party to swindle her abusive, perverse landlord. But someone is standing in her way, an intriguing Highland constable. Giving up is not an option, so she attempts to dodge the man, who immediately sees through her disguise. The pressure increases as she discovers he intends to find out her real identity, and he's on a mission to destroy the man who saved her from a life on the streets.

After experiencing the ultimate betrayal by his parents, Gavin Davidson has hardened his heart and dedicated his life to finding justice for neglected and abused children. He despises deception in any form. When his current case takes him to a gathering at a country estate, he finds an enticing woman pretending to be someone she is not. What are her ties to the notorious Aberdeen street gang he's determined to take down? And why is she attempting to get close to the dangerous men he's chasing? Untangling her lies may be the key to settling old scores.

When their paths collide, sparks fly, and they play a dangerous game that could end with one of them dead.

Books in the series:

To Have a Highland Thief

To Covet a Highland Criminal

To Save a Highland Sinner

Surrender of a Highland Smuggler

May 11
Lori Ann Bailey
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

miaburke54 ,

A Beautiful Story

To Save a Highland Sinner by Lori Ann Bailey is a well written tale of two people with the common goal of protecting the innocent orphans living on the streets, Gavin Davidson the constable because of the deception of his family and Kate Mitchell because she was deserted as a child and left to live on the streets.

Will Douglas, known as the King of the streets saved Kate from living on the streets and became her adopted brother. Her adopted family consist of other orphans taken in and cared for in an apartment they lovingly call Camelot. Because of a mistake Kate made with the landlord it looks like they may lose their beloved Camelot. Kate feels responsible and must correct her mistake.

Kate has learned to survive by deceiving others, a con artist if you will. Gavin abhors deceit of an kind. When he meets Kate he knows she is pretending to be someone she is not. He’s determined to find out who she is and why.

The story has the most wonderful characters! Gavin is a true hero in every sense of the word and Kate is a beautiful human being! I’ve enjoyed all the characters in this wonderful Camelot. They are all well written, complex and amazing people despite their circumstances. And then there are the evil villains which you will surely want to see get their just due. I love the storyline and the plot runs smoothly throughout the story. Well these two people who’ve built walls around their hearts and wronged by life and those who should have protected them find their way to one another? It was delightful to see Kate and Gavin dance around one another at the house party as each sought to accomplish their mission and avoid losing their hearts.

This is a heartwarming, heartbreaking story of those less fortunate bonded together by their pain and desire to survive against those who would take advantage of the les fortunate. It’s a story about family and love for one another. I love story is beautiful and the chemistry is just fantastic! The author does a wonderful job with the dialogue and her imagery and descriptions allow you to feel the emotions the story incites. A must read!

Thank you so much Ms. Bailey for this wonderful story of family born from love and the beautiful love story of two well deserving people.

Suz Clark ,

great romance

To Save A Highland Sinner is book three in Bailey’s new Wicked Highland Misfit’s series. This book’s story is intertwined with book one, To Have A Highland Thief. Although, it truly can be read as a stand-alone work.
I enjoyed getting to know Gavin Davidson and Kate Mitchell. I thought the characters were well developed and complex. The pace is brisk and kept me reading to the end. There are several steamy passages. “Her breath caught. ‘Ye are so lovely.’ His gaze penetrated hers, burning hot with a yearning that matched her own. The hand in hers let go and curled around her side. He pulled her flush to his tight frame, and she nearly moaned as tension wound tight in her body, recognizing the need in his.” Well done! I have enjoyed this series.

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