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To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to request more information about the assistant job I saw advertised in Sunday's newspaper with the six figure starting salary. I have a bachelors degree in English and many years of work experience and think I would be a good fit for the job. My questions are as follows: 1. What is the exact nature of the job? 2. Is it a strict requirement that I live with the boss? If so, can I have friends and others over? 3. The ad states there is a uniform. May I ask what sort of uniform? And why? Also, in lieu of sending a photograph, I've sent a picture of my very friendly dog that would also be joining me if I were to get the job.

Yours Sincerely,

Savannah Carter


Ms. Carter,

How do you know you'll be a good fit for the job if you do not know the nature of the work? My ad specifically stated I was looking for an MBA grad, not an English grad that knows nothing about the real world. 1. This would be discussed in the interview. 2. Yes, you would be living with me. And no guests are allowed. 3. The uniform would be provided on your first day. You don't need to know why. The job advertisement asked for a personal photo, is this your way of telling me you look like a dog?

Today must be your lucky day because you're the only person that responded to my ad. Are you available for a phone interview tomorrow?

The Wade Hart

September 8
J. S. Cooper
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lazygran3 ,

Mystery love

I received this ebook ARC from the author on the condition that I write an honest review.
Wade is a wealthy owner of a company that provides help to foreign countries. He places an ad for a private assistant to live in his mansion, be constantly on demand, and wear a uniform. He is a very cold, mysterious, and confusing man with hidden secrets.
Savannah is a recent college graduate, without a job, or any incoming money. Looking for a job, she finds the ad from Wade, and she decides to accept his offer of the high paying job. She arrives at the mansion to meet a closed off man, a man that she will have to live with and work together. They begin working together, but an attraction develops between them, with very confusing occurrences.
Unfortunately this is a book with a sequel to follow. It ends in a mysterious form and one only hopes that the next book reveals more. I’ve read several books written by J. S. Cooper, and I’ve loved everyone of them.

Crave2btch ,


J.S. Cooper has managed to intrigue me once again with her exceptional writing. If you looking for a book to read that grabs you, holds your attention, peaks your interests, makes your emotions give you whiplash and has you yearning for more of its storyline then I highly recommend you BUY AND READ THIS BOOK NOW! I promise you won’t be disappointed. I WASN’T AT ALL and I had the privilege of reading this book as a BETA reader and then again as an ARC. Needlessly to say I have read this book in its entirety 5 times and would consider reading it again BECAUSE UT IS THAT GOOD!
So stop what your doing and click BUY NOW and begin your emotional journey with “The Wade Hart” and his new “Assistant Savannah”

ajdauzat ,

Mystery Romance

I enjoyed reading this book. A young woman is just looking for a job to make the rent and put food on the table when she comes across a job advertisement for an assistant paying a six-figure starting salary. She’s responds to the advertisement and the banter begins between her and her potential mystery boss. They have a love-hate work relationship that turns into an affair of sorts. This book has you wondering and guessing the entire time. The cliff hanger at the end has left me intrigued. There’s definitely a mystery aspect to this book. This book is worth a read!

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