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“Your touch singes me. Your kisses are like drugs. I am addicted to you. I am trapped by you. Yet I don’t want to escape from this beautiful prison.” 

Julian Devereux. So beautiful and mysterious on the outside yet so damaged and broken on the inside. Who is this monster standing before me?

I thought I knew you well, but the past was only an illusion. But why do I find myself coming back for more? Do I enjoy being your pawn in your elaborate game to gain back the title of heir to the Devereux Legacy? Or am I so captivated by you that I am trapped by my own doing? 

Maybe deep down, I want to dig for the truth, to find out why you turned out to be this monster. But I didn’t anticipate the story unfolding was beyond what I could imagine. Julian, what have you gone through?

The Billionaire's Twisted Love series contains content and themes suitable for mature readers. Beware, the love scenes are super hot. This first second book ends in a cliffhanger. 

The Billionaire's Twisted Love series reading order:

Book 1: Captivated by You (free to download)

Book 2: Trapped by You (free to download)

Book 3: Loved by You

January 29
Wanitta Praks Media
Wanitta Praks

Customer Reviews

C.X.9 ,

Trapped by You: book 2

Love the twist in this book. My only hope is that his feelings is true to her. I want their feelings for each other to be true even if they encounter other circumstances. I really don't want the main girl to feel used and left behind.

At first I thought that I knew everything, but Rosie just made me realize that I don't know anything until I finish the story. I love this book so far. I hope it has a happy ending because I love happy ending.

1Fellowes ,

Trapped By You

Great reading and enjoyable. Details of the couple kept repeating and repeating.

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