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The story that inspired the major motion picture Beautiful Boy featuring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet.

This New York Times bestselling memoir of a young man’s addiction to methamphetamine tells a raw, harrowing, and ultimately hopeful tale of the road from relapse to recovery.

Nic Sheff was drunk for the first time at age eleven. In the years that followed, he would regularly smoke pot, do cocaine and Ecstasy, and develop addictions to crystal meth and heroin. Even so, he felt like he would always be able to quit and put his life together whenever he needed to. It took a violent relapse one summer in California to convince him otherwise. In a voice that is raw and honest, Nic spares no detail in telling us the compelling, heartbreaking, and true story of his relapse and the road to recovery. As we watch Nic plunge into the mental and physical depths of drug addiction, he paints a picture for us of a person at odds with his past, with his family, with his substances, and with himself. It's a harrowing portrait—but not one without hope.

Young Adult
May 12
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Grades 9 and Above

Customer Reviews

l0vin-ittttttt ,

Loves it

Do you guys know any other books that are similar to this, other than Go Ask Alice and Ellen Hopkins series. I think this novel is excellent and properly written autobiography. It's shows the hardships addictions can put an individual through, no matter what there age. I think this novels brilliant, and I can only pray and hope God is with Nic now, guiding him. Nic also has a blog he does not update anymore but it has a series of post, that explain life after the novel. They're quite interesting.

najchidmi ,

Loved it.

I legitimately do not know how to put into words how I feel about this book. To say the least I think it is a really important piece and it made me think. I cried hard and I cringed and winced and it made me feel lots of things I didn’t know a book could make me feel. Nic Sheff, I’m rooting for you. I support you and thank you for sharing your story.

jessgiesel ,

life lesson learned

To pretend that Nic is your character through out the entire book with everything he had been through truly opens your eyes and your mind about what really goes down when you mess with the hard stuff. Emotional and life changing experience that a person would go through after messing with illegal substances and getting yourself into trouble with life and everyone you have ever loved around you. This book taught me some valuable lessons even though I would never personally do anything like to myself mentally, emotionally and physically but overall, this book truly helped me understood my mother’s addiction that she had went through before ending her life with alcohol poisoning and substance abuse at 29.

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